We have gotten reports from some users that certain publication crash their app when they try to open them.

Most users complained especially of Amen It Is Done ebook and Prayers in the Daily Strength Devotional.

First of all, it is worth noting that ‘PRAYERS IN THE DAILY STRENGTH DEVOTIONAL’ is same publication as ‘SECTION A 2018 FIRST QUARTER’. The former contains section A of the 2017 4th edition, and in the e-copy we bundled it together with the Amen it is done. If you experience crashing in the first one, please try the ‘SECTION A 2018 FIRST QUARTER’ which is actually a current version of the PRAYERS IN THE DAILY STRENGTH DEVOTIONAL.

If AMEN IT IS DONE crashes on your device, please in MY LIBRARY ONLINE look for the ebook titled AMEN IT IS DONE BOOKLET, which is a different ebook configuration with the ebook titled AMEN IT IS DONE (EBUP) please take note of the difference in title. If you can’t find the ebook titled AMEN IT IS DONE BOOKLET, please send a mail to info@dymxin.com with the subject as ‘AMEN IT IS DONE’ we will ensure the correct version appears for you.

If the Bible crashes on your device, try to Order again, for free, then try opening the 3 different Bibles made available in the My Library Online. One must be compatible with your app.

God bless you.