Scripture Reading: Matthew 8:9

Today, the Holy Spirit, through our scriptural reading reveals to us the inherent power and authority in the WORD of God. The focus in the story, judging from the Centurion’s speech, is on THE AUTHORITY OF THE SPOKEN WORD. Here was a man who understood the power of authoritative command, and who recognized that Jesus had that power. The emphasis in the story is on the power of the word of the Lord, that by His command He was able to heal the sick.

Child of God, as we seek divine intervention in our various challenges of life, such as health challenges, marital problems, miscarriages, inability to conceive, business failure, unemployment, financial insecurity, spiritual retrogression, etc., we are reminded that, like the Centurion, we must have faith in THE AUTHORITY OF THE SPOKEN WORD OF JESUS, if we want to harvest our miracles and want our joy restored. There is power in the WORD and to experience the healing power of the WORD, to experience the liberating power of the WORD, to experience the miraculous power of the WORD, we must have unshakable faith in the WORD. We must believe what the WORD says about our situation, even though the situation seems irredeemable. We must know and believe in the life-giving power of the WORD to make the dry bones to live again. The WORD gives life to dead organs, it gives life to dry bones, and it gives life to dead bodies. At the command of the WORD, Lazarus came back to life; at the command of the WORD things came to be at creation; at the command of the WORD, the barren woman became a biological mother of a son in 2 King 4:16; at the command of the WORD the stormy sea became calm; at the command of the WORD the lame began to walk at the beautiful gate; at the command of the WORD, the demonic possessed were liberated; at the command of the WORD, stony hearts were broken in tears of repentance; at the command of the WORD, heaven is glorified, nature complies  and forces of darkness are forced to obey. There is power in the WORD and to make the power of the WORD operational in your life, you must allow the WORD to possess your heart. It must be seen in our lifestyle , on our lips, and allowed to shape your attitude and mentality. We must pray the WORD, we must preach the WORD, we must declare the WORD in and over our situations; we must stand by the WORD, we must uphold the WORD. Friend, you may have tried or attended many types of miracle sessions, yet your situation remained the same. Today, we invite you to the  “Centurion’s method” which is FAITH IN THE AUTHORITY OF THE SPOKEN WORD OF JESUS. Allow the WORD to re-orientate your understanding, allow it to build your faith to the degree needed to produce the expected miracle. Allow the WORD to calm the tension in your heart, and work in you. Let it possess your whole being so that it can configure your will to the will of Jesus. Allow the WORD to work on you, so that you will be disposed to accept the will of God. His WORD is forever settled, it is yea and amen. If the WORD says you are healed, hold unto it, do not stop to speak the healing WORD to your health problems. When the WORD says it is possible, believe it for what it says. If the WORD says it is the will of God, accept it for what it says. To get your miracle you must believe with your heart, the WORD. Confess with your lips and never  doubt what the WORD says about your situation. If you believe it, you will see its manifestation.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father Your WORD tells me in Luke 10:19 that you have given me power, to trample over scorpion, and all powers of the enemy, and nothing can harm me. Lord I use Your power and authority, to break, smash, crush, uproot, and scatter to pieces, every plans that Satan has formed against my life, family, ministry, home, relationship, finances, and all that belongs to me. I thank You Lord, and I claim complete victory in Jesus name.
  2. Father according to Your WORD in Psalm 23:1, You are my shepherd, and I shall not want or lack any good things in my life. You are the God that supplies all of my needs. I confess according to Your WORD, that You will not withhold any good things from me. Father I claim all Your benefits, both in the spiritual, and the physical. In Jesus Name.
  3. Father Lord according to Your WORD in Joshua 1:8, I pray that Your WORD will not depart from my mouth and hearts, but that I will meditate on it day and night, that my ways will be prosperous in Jesus name.
  4. Father according to Your WORD in Jer. 30:17, You said that You will restore health to us and heal our wounds. I thank You for healing all members of the Daily Strength family who are sick.

Exercise: In faith, touch wherever that is hurting you mention the name JESUS seven times and see it gone.


Memory Verse: John 15:3.