Scripture Reading: Romans 12:2

Welcome to today’s reflection.  Let us begin this reflection with this song, “I have chosen the way, I have chosen the way, I have chosen the right way, the way of Calvary.”  There is this truth that we do not often reflect upon or even given serious thought to. It is the fact that life offers us two standards, two options or two frontiers.  The standards approved by God and the standards that are not approved by God.  Our approaches to life issues can be carried out following God’s principles or satanic principles (standard of the world).   Dear Friend, two ways are available to us in dealing with what comes our way as humans, the first are ways approved and supported by God and the second are ways which are not supported by God, therefore inspired by the evil one.  In our reflection today, the good Lord warns us to beware of adopting approaches or standards which God did not consent to.

I saw a bill board in front of a big church with this message well designed “Get scripture solutions on: emotional, relational, economical, spiritual, social, financial, political, career and profession.”  It is obvious that from this message there are solutions that are scripturally based and such solutions are of God, and there are solutions that are not of God, worldly-based. As children of the Living God, we must adopt godly standards in carrying out everything we do because it is based on truth; the foundation is solid and the end result produces peace.  The standard which the devil suggests to us is based on falsehood, deceit and often times comes in an attractive ways that appeal to our senses as the best. The scripture through different formats and analogies have revealed to us these two standards; God told Adam you can eat from all the trees in the Garden but from the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and evil do not eat.  In Deuteronomy, Moses re-echoed these two standards to the people of Israel thus “life and death”, “good and evil” while in New Testament we see concepts like “mammon and God”, “the narrow gate and the wide gate”.

In John 10:10, the two standards was indirectly expressed to us thus, “The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy.  I have come in order that you might have a life – life in all its fullness.”  Dear Child of God, the most important question is which part are you following?  Today in our world there are a lot of manifestations of standards not supported by God. So many decisions reached regarding same-sex marriage, divorce, abortion and other moral issues are not of God’s opinion.  There are lots of traditions we tenaciously hold unto and celebrate that are influenced by the standards of the evil one. Draw your inspiration and guide from God so that whatever you do, does not have evil consequence.  Let us become mindful of what we do, so that we do not apportion blame to God for predicament we caused ourselves.  You can apply godly standard in your dressing, driving, teaching, eating, working, spending money, resolving disharmony, producing goods and services, rendering services, dealing with your neighbour, acquiring wealth.  Just name it.  It is not who we are that really makes our dealings standard but where we are drawing our inspiration and guidelines from.  Always work with the Holy Spirit, you will operate in standards that will bring joy, peace, and love to a world full of hatred and wickedness. Dear friend in Christ, make the Lord your standard, your guide and your director even if the standards we must adopt as sanctioned by the Lord is difficult humanly speaking, through God’s grace we  will definitely get through.  Let us conclude with the message from Colossians 3:17a thus; “Everything you do or say, then, should be done in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

Prayer Points:

  1. I adore you Lord and I worship you. I give you praise for it is your desire that I should not perish.
  2. Be merciful to me O Lord, for the number of times I have not operated in your standards.
  3. O Lord, help me to accept decisions in favour of your standards.
  4. Lord, do not make me use my position to work against your standards.
  5. Pray for those who have been trapped by indecent dressing, that the Lord will inspire them with the sense decency and decorum.

Exercise: Take the prayer of St PIO twice today.

Memory Verse:  Proverbs 14:1