Scripture Reading: Psalms 40:2
Moses, in his lifetime in God’s service, was a man prone to human weakness. However, some errors are costly and yet avoidable. After his toil through the wilderness, an error he made in a matter of minutes cost him the joy of entering the Promise Land. Having been instructed by God to lead the elders to the rock before them, Moses was to stretch his rod towards the rock so that water could come out for the thirsty Israelites. By so doing, he was to give the glory of this providential action to God who never shares His glory with any man —not even with Moses. (Isaiah 42:8) Moses, however, puffed with pride, gathered the entire congregation of the people of Israel and in a bid to further his own personal course and satisfy his ego, struck the rock, not once but two times. Commenting on this action of Moses, St. Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians observed that the rock was the Son of God.

Rocks are naturally formed, consolidated materials composed of grains of one or more minerals. It is a solid entity that guarantees the safety of whatever is founded on it. Matthew 7:24-25 present us with what happens when one builds a house on a rock. Such a building has sure foundations and is not endangered by hazards. To stand on a rock is to say that one has a rock for its foundation. This implies that such a rock becomes the source of the confidence that such a person would have. Dear friends, there are different things on which different people stand on in our world. The confidence we have individually, derives it source from these different things. For those people who stand on money, they have confidence on their wealth and sometimes even boast of such wealth. For some of them, there’s no need to pray because prayer is for the needy. As a matter of fact, shouting at prayers is born out of frustration and desperation. Money is everything to them; to possess money is to possess everything. Some others stand on status and position. These set of people so much build their confidence on the position and status they or their relations occupy. When they speak, they speak with confidence in the position they occupy. For them, , connection is all that matters; just know the right persons and buttons to press and every other thing will be well 

taken care of. Some others stand on their achievements. They build their world around all they have achieved in terms of degrees, assets, gadgets, textile materials, investments, etc. The only thing that makes them smile is such achievements. Yet, there are some, and perhaps a few, who stand on Jesus. For this set of people, nothing else in life counts; Jesus is their all in all and their reference point for every action they take. Jesus is the source of their source of everything. Should they possess money, have laudable achievements, occupy exalted positions, they see it nothing compared to the blessed assurance they have in Christ. Jesus is the only thing that matters to them and as such they do nothing without making Jesus the reference and focal point. Hear this, these are the category of persons who are standing on the rock. They seek the voice of the Lord in all things and strive to obey the promptings of that voice which they’ve heard. They do not seek to carry out their will but the will of the Lord. When this happens they secure a sure foundation for themselves such that by standing on the Lord, nothing shakes them anymore. They become formidable forces on earth because their whole life revolves around God on whom they stand.

Outside Christ, dear friends, is sinking sand. Only Christ is the rock. Money, position, achievements, property, connections, etc., are but only sinking sand. Any house built on them would not stand the test of time.

Rev. 11: 4-12; Ps 144: 1. 2. 9-10; (R.1a); Accl 2 Tim 1:10; Lk 20: 27-40 

Prayer Points:

1. Take the song, “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand……….”.

2. Lord, help me to make You the center of my life.

3. Father, help all members of the DSD family to found their foundations on You O Lord, the Solid Rock.

4. Pray for all refugees and those driven from their homeland.

5. Pray for all Christian politicians.
Exercise: Take the  “Prayer of St. Pio of Pieltrelcina” today.
Memory Verse: Psalm 18:2