Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Scripture Reading:Matthew 25:14-30

In today’s gospel we are presented with the parable of the talents which stresses the need to be profitable to Jesus our Master. It warns us that our place and service in heaven will depend on the faithfulness of our lives and service here (cfv.29). A talent represents our abilities, time, resources and opportunities to serve God while on earth. These things are considered by God as a trust that we are responsible to administer in the wisest way possible. Every person is a steward of divine investment. God has invested much in every one of us according to our various capacities. God has given each person a wide variety of gifts, and He expects us to employ those gifts in his service.

The Church has always understood talents as: “every gift we have received from God: gift of existence, including all the capabilities of our bodies and minds, extending to education, culture, faith, the sacraments, vocation, creative ingenuities, physical prowess, etc.” In other words, we have received everything from God, and we are free either to take all our gifts and squander them, burying them in the hole of self-indulgence, fear, laziness, or give them back to God by putting them to work for His Kingdom. Like the three servants, we do not have gifts of the same degree. The return God expects of us is commensurate to the gifts we have been given. The servant who received one talent was not condemned for failing to reach the five-talent goal; he was condemned because he did nothing with what he was given. The point of the parable is that we are to use whatever we have been given for God’s purposes. The severe consequence to the unproductive servant, far beyond anything triggered by mere business mediocrity, tells us that we are to invest our lives, not waste them. God does not endow people with identical or necessarily equal gifts. If you do as well as you can with the gifts given to you by God, you will hear His “Well done.”

Our eternal destiny depends directly upon how much our talents have contributed to the growth of the Kingdom. There will be no room for excuses: if we have tried to invest our talents, we will be welcomed into the Kingdom forever: if not, we will be thrown into the darkness. Remember for the world, “Talent is for money” but for believers “Talent is primarily for the kingdom”.

MASS: GREEN Prov 31: 10-13. 19-20. 30-31; Ps 128: 1-2. 3. 4-5(R.1a); 1 Thess 5: 1-6; Accl Jn 15:4a.5b; Matt 25: 14-30 THIRTY-THIRD SUNDAY

Prayer Points:

1. Pray for mercy for the times you have failed to utilize your talent for the growth of God’s kingdom

2. Eternal Father help me to utilize the talents You have given me to the glory of your name -Amen

Exercise: Start something for the growth of the Kingdom today.

Meditation: 1 Peter 4:10