(Day 4 of Novena Prayers to All Saints)

Scripture Reading: Matthew 26:39

St. Paul gives us a great example of this kind of spiritual surrender to God’s plan in 2 Corinthians 12:6-8. Three times he prayed about a “thorn in the flesh” that bothered him. God eventually answered, saying that his grace “is sufficient,” and this weakness stayed with St. Paul. I have to confess that there have been times when I realized that while I was waiting for God to answer my prayers, He was waiting for me to “give in” to His will.
We often look at prayer as the opportunity for us to get things from God, right? And as desperate people, God is the only One to whom we can pray and seek help. But in another sense, our Lord Jesus Christ tells us that prayer is less about getting our will done by God, but seeing God’s will done on earth.
Today, as in every generation, the priorities of Heaven are at odds with the priorities of a fallen world. Prayer then is not a matter of making God conform to our expectations, but aligning our expectations to God’s kingdom purposes. It is the act of praying against the prevailing, sinful, world system. It is a longing for the curse to be reversed, for Heaven’s healing and hopes to prevail upon the brokenness of our families, our communities, and our world. To pray that, “Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven” is to say, “Lord, do your will in me.”. It is saying to the Lord: I have my will, overrule my will.
First, to pray this prayer, means we are willing to submit to His will. This prayer becomes a pledge of obedience to God’s will in the outcome of our persistent prayer.
Lastly, there is a trust aspect of surrendering to God’s will. It is the satisfaction of knowing that God’s will is the best. Despite our doubts concerning God’s will, in the end, we can trust Him. We were made to do His will. To trust God’s will, to rest in Him, is to accept His sanctifying Hand, to let Him mould us and make us, to respond to the needs of the world and be part of bringing Heaven to earth.

MASS: GREEN Phil 3:17-4:1; Ps 122:1-2.3-4ab.4cd-5(R.1); Accl 1 John 2:5; Gospel Lk 16:1-8

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for God’s mercy on the times your prayer was centred on your will instead of God’s will
  2. Ask God for the grace never to give up praying even in the seeming silence of Heaven
  3. Pray for the grace to surrender to God’s will as the outcome of our persistent prayer request
  4. Ask God to let you know His will concerning situations you are going through.
  5. Take other Prayers of our Novena Prayers to All Saints as directed in DSD Section B

Exercise: We obey God’s will, not to make God happy, but because it is our joy. It is what we were created to do.

Meditation: Matthew 26:42