Scripture Reading:  Psalm 51

The greatest war is the fight against self and the greatest victory is the victory won over self.  Any child of God who can sit back to tell himself the truth will indeed do well and gain acceptance from God and man.  What does it mean to tell yourself the truth?   It means having the will power to caution yourself from doing evil.  The ability to say that a thing is not good; I am not going to do it.  The ability to evaluate our lives and run from evil.  Today we hear a lot of evil and bizarre things happening all in the name of God.  A pastor from Switzerland was displayed online as asking his congregation to undress, as that is the only form they can be in for God to answer their   prayers speedily.  Another pastor from South Africa, asked his own congregation to eat grass and drink fuel claiming it to be pineapple juice.  From this reflection, as God’s children we must be honest with ourselves, surely before God these things are not acceptable, so if you are not honest with yourself, you will go ahead to do it.    Honesty with oneself is much needed as a Christian.  We cannot carry out a sincere act of contrition for our sins if we are not honest to ourselves.  We will engage in doing something bad but may not have the will power to come out of it if we are not honest to ourselves.  Walter Anderson tells us this, “Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” Let us learn from Fritz Chery he used to deceive himself until he received Christ, hear his testimony, “Before I truly gave my life to Christ, I deceived myself into thinking that a tattoo is not a sin and I got a tattoo. I disregarded all the passages against it and I disregarded my conscience, which was saying don’t do it. I deceived myself even more by believing I was getting a Christian tattoo for God. Deep down the real reason I got it was it looked cool and if I didn’t think it looked cool I wouldn’t have gotten it. I lied to myself and said I’m going to get a tattoo of something memorable for God. The devil will sometimes trick you into thinking something is OK so don’t believe every spirit. The worst thing to deceive yourself with is thinking there’s no God when the Bible, the world, and existence says there is.”   William Backus, the Author of “Telling Yourself the Truth” tell us this,  When you catch yourself in the act of telling yourself lies, be quick to label them “not true” and to replace them with the truth.” Jesus’ departure from the Apostles would mean catastrophe, it is something which a leader who is not honest would hide from the Apostles but He told them the whole truth while He must leave in John 16:7.   Proverbs 30:20 warns us, “This is how an unfaithful wife acts:  she commits adultery, has a bath, and says “But I haven’t done anything wrong!”   Flee from “I-have –done-nothing-wrong” mentality.  The Lord will richly bless you and make you outstanding as you keep on living in His truth.

Prayer Points:                                 

  1. Take a worship song as led.
  2. Meditatively take the prayer of St. Pio.
  3. O Dear Lord, please remove everything within me that make me hold on to what is sinful and still be comfortable.

4     Pray against the spirit of feeling cool in sinful living.


Exercise: Share this reflection with someone today.

Memory Verse:  Galatians 6:3