Scripture Reading:  2 Kings 6:1 – 7

Some young prophets were determined to build a new house, because the one they were living in was small and old.  As expected, they set out with each of them being assigned  to gather up a beam so that they could build a new house.  Not long after, the instrument – an axe head – fell into the river, thereby terminating their ambition and determination to build the new house.  The young men then pondered on the following:

  • What are we going to do?
  • How was the rest of the wood required to be gotten?
  • How was the building to be completed?

Beloved, when sudden situations of this nature occur, everything will seem to have come to an end and anxiety takes over.  Share this text message with me, “I just finished reading 18/3/16 devotional of Daily Strength, and you advised that I should tell Jesus my problem.  I have told him of it in the morning, afternoon, mid-day, evening, night and mid-night, but he seems so far from me and my family; that we are almost confused by difficulties.  I am 35 years but single, no good job . . . no money, even to pay house rent . . . . What can I do? What colour or way should I pray?”  Dear friend, the story of the lost axe head, illustrates God’s interest and care in what might be an insignificant matter.  It also communicates God’s heart of compassion for the man in predicament.  He says, call unto me in times of trouble, I will answer you.  It demonstrates the power of God at work in the life and ministry of as many as believe.  Events such as the text message above is common in the life of many believers and in some cases, victims almost fall into despair because of the seeming disappointment from God.  Many saints of God suffered situations of this nature.  None is immune from it.  If you track the lives of the great saints of God you would often find  “lost axe heads” in their lives.  This could happen in ways such as the death of a strong stalwart, or when a leader backslides, or when the Gospel  is not carefully passed to the next generation, or when there is squabble and disunity in the body of Christ, or when there is obvious complacency, lukewarmness among priests and religious.  These are grave issues that can cause a saint to despair.  Beloved, the same is true for individuals.

Dear friend, whenever we experience a situation of this nature, our visions are shut, spiritual dreams are choked out, the power of praying stifled and faith in our magnificent God wanes.  This means that the situation is able to shut down every bit of the productive fruit that had been growing in our lives; and the tendency is to listen more to the deceptive voice of Satan.  He will tell you, among others, that you are never going to succeed; you have a lot to do but no resources.  Why then do you depend on this God who never cares?  Hear John Maxwell, “If you are able to change your thinking, you can change your actions.  Changing your actions can change your life.”  The Holy Spirit says to you today, “Don’t get discouraged, but turn your gaze to Him who is the Alpha and Omega and remedies will come in His time.”

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God in worship as you are led.
  2. What is the lost axe head in your life today? Mention them one after the other.
  3. Bring them humbly before the Alpha and Omega and be expectant (something will happen in 3 weeks from now).
  4. Pray for your relations, friends and neighbours going through difficult situations.
  5. Pray for the sister in our reflection today that the Lord may help her.
  6. Pray for all Daily Strength Users, Financial Partners and Distributors for God’s mercy on them.

Exercise:  Share this message with someone else today.

Memory Verse:  Genesis 22:18.