Scriptural Reading: 2 Chronicles 20:15

The Lord wants you to understand that the battle you are currently fighting is His and victory is yours. He has never been defeated and never would He be. In fact, for Him to be defeated translates that He is not God. We know the God we have. We cannot deny the reality that man is constantly in battle with his enemies. All around man are battles that are needed to be won if he must survive. The battles around us are both spiritual and physical. The Scripture says, ”The devil is prowling about looking for the soul of the righteous to destroy. Stand up to him and be strong in faith.” (1 Peter.5:8-9) Jesus warned that the devil has come to kill, steal and destroy. (John.10:10) The devil has no work of intrinsic goodness. His nature is to wrestle against man and bring him to a state of destruction. St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians says, “For it is not against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the principalities and the ruling forces who are masters of the darkness in this world, the spirits of evil in the heavens.” (Eph. 6:12) The devil is frequently staging battles against the children of God. One sad thing about these battles is that, man relying on his own powers, is constantly losing out in the battle, because the enemy has always proven to be stronger.
Dear beloved in Christ, the Holy Spirit wants you to know that the battle is for Him. And if the battle is for Him, who can defeat Him? Most Christians of this age think that they can always have their way through the battles that confront them, relying on their own powers. Do you know that when the battle is of the Lord, you are more than conquerors? That is who you are: a super conqueror. Brethren, you will be making the greatest mistake if you choose to go into battle against your enemies without the Lord’s involvement. You will end up being defeated when you trust in your power and strength. The children of Eli had trusted in their own powers to conquer their enemies. They met their waterloo and that was very devastating for the children of Israel, as they lost so much to their enemies. (1 Sam. 4:1-3) Severally, the Israelites lost to the Canaanites, Ammonites, and Philistines, etc., each time they rebelled against their God. During such wars, they suffered serious defeats. Moses warned them seriously saying: “You shall fall by the sword; because you have turned away from the LORD; the LORD will not be with you.” (Num. 14:43). Gideon had thought so much on how the Midianites would be defeated. The Lord promised to save the Israelites from the claws of their enemies. Despite this assurance, Gideon prepared thousands of soldiers for that war. But the Lord told him that the soldiers should be reduced to a very insignificant number. Gideon was amazed and grew in fear, but his fears were calmed down by the mighty deeds of the Lord. Brethren, when the Lord is fighting your battles, it does not matter who your enemies are and their numbers, God is more than able to deal heavily with them. When you are fighting a battle, it does not matter how many soldiers are in your territory fighting for you. What matters is that God is in your camp. O child of God, if you have not made God the leading Commander of your battle, you have just given the enemy the field to conquer. The young man, David understood so greatly what it means to give the battle to the Lord. The Israelites encountered the Philistines who kept on oppressing them. But David knew so well whom it is that he put his trust in. And he said to Goliath the Philistine: “Today, Yahweh will deliver you into my hand; I shall kill you, I shall cut off your head; today, I shall give your corpse and the corpses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air and the wild beasts, so that the whole world may know that there is a God in Israel, and this whole assembly will know that Yahweh does not give victory by means of swords and spear; for Yahweh is the Lord of battle and He will deliver you into my power.” (1 Sam. 17:46-47). This is what happens when the Lord is the Lord of the battle. But God cannot just come and fight your battles for you. You would have to surrender the battle to the Lord, recognising your powerlessness. This is the radical point. Until when you have handed over the baton to the Lord, you will continue to remain a loser in battles against your enemies. Hear this O child of God, and when you have handed over your battles to the Lord, “Do not be fainthearted. Let there be no fear or trembling or alarm as you face them. Yahweh your God is marching with you, to fight your enemies for you and make you victorious.” (Deut.20:3-4) The truth behind every battle that has been handed over to the Lord is that the Lord can never make you a loser, a defeat, a failure, etc. That is not who our God is. The Psalmist says: “Those who put their trust in the Lord, are like mount Zion that can never be shaken.” (Ps.125:1) Enjoy victory by surrendering your battles to the Mighty One in battle. Do not be dismayed, the battle is of the Lord. Sing your victory to the face of your enemies.

MASS: WHITE Acts 14:19-28; Ps 145:10-11. 12-13ab. 21 (R. 12a); Accl.Lk 24:46, 26; Jn 14:27-31a

Prayer Point:
1. Take the prayer Overcoming Demonic/Wicked Conspiracies in the Book AMEN: IT IS DONE.

Exercise: Pray with Psalms 17, 35 and 86 (preferably at midnight today). Expect to hear from the Lord.

Meditation: Ps.40:14