Scripture Reading: Matthew: 5:1-2

St. Ambrose starts today’s reflection thus: “Ä blessed life may be defined as consisting simply and solely in the possession of goodness and truth.” When we lost fellowship with God at the Garden of Eden, humanity lost true joy and true peace. From then sorrow, confusion and restlessness became man’s lot. Through various means, man kept trying to regain that true peace and joy, but the result is more calamities and mistakes. Humanity, sought for joy and peace from the possession of wealth, gratification of appetite, satisfying our sexual and selfish ambitions, but a reflective mind realises as Thomas Kempis said, “Even though you possessed all temporal goods, they could not make you happy and blessed… happiness lies only in God. All worldly solace and all human comfort is empty and short-lived.” Jesus summarises the path to true joy and peace into eight, which is popularly known as the BEATITUDES.

The Beatitudes is Jesus’ way of living that brings true joy and peace. It is the joy and peace that is evident even in our tears. This is a joy that nothing in life or death can take away, as Jesus said, “No one will take your joy from you.” (John 16:22). In his commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, Saint Augustine wrote in 393 AD “Anyone who piously and earnestly ponders the Sermon on the Mount will find therein… the perfect standard of the Christian Life.” Through living the life of the Beatitude, we become perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.”

Each Beatitude begins with the word “blessed.” The Greek word translated as “blessed” means “extremely fortunate, well off, and truly happy”. The eight Beatitudes in Matthew can be arranged into two categories. The first reflects a longing for a deeper relationship with God. The second group deals with our disposition in relation to our neighbours. The first group brings us into closer relationship with God which results in the transformation of our lives described in the second group. The Beatitudes are Jesus’ way of life, and He invites all users of Daily Strength Devotional to follow this way if we must find true joy and peace. We shall reflect on the eight Beatitudes beginning from tomorrow.

1 Acts 2:14.22-33; Ps 16:1-2A.5.7-8.9-10.11 (R.1); Accl Ps 118:24; Gosp Matt 28:8-15 OCTAVE OF EASTER

Prayer Points:
1. Pray for inner understanding as we set to study the Beatitudes.
2. Take the “Daily Consecration to the Holy Ghost” in “Amen: It is Done” (pg. 20).
Exercise: Join the (DSPN) every Tuesday early morning prayer session. (TIME:1.00 am to 2.00 am) Venue: Your Private Prayer Chamber.
DSPN Prayer Points
1. Take the daily Strength prayer for the new year
2. Thank God for this new month, pray for Divine guidance and protection for all DSD family.
3. Pray for Nigeria, every evil plan tormenting her well-being and progress.
Meditation: John 14:6.