By Rev. Fr. Anthony Njoya

The church is a mother who was conceived and instituted in time by God who in Christ as her Head has given her an uncommon supernatural authority “to be” and to function as a vessel (cf. Matthew 16:18 – 20) conveying in the name and power of Holy Trinity (cf. 16:17).

As a Mother, she gives birth to numerous children at Baptism in the name and power of God who gives authority to the Church and makes them Bona fide members God’s family.  She also nourishes them by feeding them healthily on the nutrient of Holy Eucharist.  Thus, as the children of Mother church grows, they are initiated into adulthood, manliness, or maturity in the rite of Sacramental confirmation.  And because the church is divine but also human, her children who also shares her humanity fall into error which makes them ill: depending on the absence of ease (dis/ease) which could be physical or spiritual to bring about full recuperation; Sacramental confession and/or anointing of the sick is/are administered.  These media of recovery/healing do not contradict any medication, which is appropriate (morally acceptable and divinely sanctioned in the authority of God) understood in this context.

Finally, the children of Mother church are and one hand given the divine mandate by God himself to marry by the virtue of Holy matrimony –  So, like Christ the bridegroom of the church (bride), a man marries a woman who together become “the inseparable one”, as Christ is inseparable from his church.  On the other hand, by the virtue of Holy orders, there are certain members of Mother church who have the office of administering the Sacrament which are themselves the gifts, signs, presence, channels, bridges, graces etc, in persona Christi (in the ‘person’ dignity and office of Christ), and in the name and authority of Mother church given to her by God.

Therefore, as a mother, she is divinely given the complete responsibility of her children from birth until death.  While Jesus Christ her head and bridegroom is eternally present to her, supplying the sufficient graces to accomplish her passion as a never failing Mother.