Scripture Reading:  Exodus 13:17 – 22

In Deuteronomy 1:32 – 33, the Scripture says, “Yet in this thing you did not believe the LORD your God who went in the way before you, to search out a place for your tents, in fire by night to show you by what way you should go and in a cloud by day.  God placed the pillar of cloud and fire as proof of His presence, love and care for Israel.  The cloud and fire were with them until they reached the Promised Land, forty years later.  The Holy Spirit assures the reader of Daily Strength today that you willlikewise enjoy great blessings by following the cloud and fire of God’s presence, purpose and guidance.  The Scripture says, “. . . . God led the people around the desert road towards the Red Sea . . . . After leaving Succoth they camped at Etham and the edge of the desert.  By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way . . . . ” Beloved, this was not an ordinary cloud; but the presence of God moving with His people.  God would not want them to miss their way so in His love He opted to guide.  How sincere, loving and sweet is our God!

Dear friend in Christ, this is exactly what every believer should strive for; a situation where the Lord leads, directs and guides us through our journey of life.  It should not be a situation where the Lord follows behind cleaning up the mess caused by our impetuous headstrong decisions and ways of life.  InJohn 10:11, Jesus Christ says, “I am the good shepherd:  the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.”  This illustrates Jesus’ tender and devoted care for His people.  It is as if He was saying, “I am toward all who believe in me, as a good shepherd is toward his sheep – caring, watching and loving.”In Exodus 9:18 – 22 the Scripture records that the Israelites moved on at the command of the Lord.  This means that as long as the cloud remained over the Tabernacle they remained in camp.  They moved as soon as it moved because they were certain that in God’s presence they were protected from the aggression of their enemies.  At times the cloud would move behind them casting darkness, making it difficult for their enemies to advance.  What an awesome God we serve!  No wonder the Scripture describes Him as the “Mighty man in battle.”  Beloved in Christ, be assured that God is always willing to make His glorious presence round-about you.  Jesus said, “I am always with you.”  His divine presence is always available; but to all who acknowledge Him as Lord and God.  Be assured also that for those who love Him, His providential, mighty hands of protection and defense are on them.  No wonder the Scripture says, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; I will fear no one.  The LORD protects me from all danger; I will never be afraid.” (Psa 27:1).  Beloved, feel the LORD’s glory enveloping you now on this day of the Lord.  Visualize yourself being covered by God’s cloud of glory.  Be dependent on the Lord and act only when you hear from Him to do so.  Learn to always listen to Him talk to you.

Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song as you are led.
  2. O Lord, lead and guide me in this life journey with your glorious presence.
  3. Illuminate my path O Lord with your very presence that I may praise you always.
  4. Lord, covered by your cloud, keep me from following my human impulse and promptings in Jesus name.
  5. Let your glorious presence bring darkness and confusion to the enemies of my soul in Jesus name.
  6. Grant, O Lord, that I will remain faithful to you and never forsake your loving care for me in Jesus name.
  7. Lord as you come down in your glory upon the ‘tent of meeting’descend upon me and help me in my moments of anxiety and fear.
  8. O Lord, I beseech You, never abandon me in this wicked world in Jesus name. Amen.

Exercise:  Pray for someone very close to you for God’s presence.

Memory Verse:  Psalm 29:3