Scripture Reading:  1 Kings 11:1-11

The danger of relaxing after attaining a lofty spiritual height is portrayed in today’s reflection.  The level of our spiritual growth is not a guarantee for not failing when we begin to tread the path of failure. When the godly wisdom we have acquired is not sustained it can be contaminated by self, polluted by sin and poisoned by Satan. There should be no time in our lives that we should lose sight of the reality that we can make dangerous errors that could cost our relationship with God.  Our spiritual lives need constant overhauling and maintenance.    Solomon ignored the path that made him great.  He abandoned the way of wisdom.  No wonder the word of God warns us thus in 1 Corinthians 10:12, “Whoever thinks he is standing firm had better be careful that he does not fall.”   A writer commented about Solomon’s affiliations with foreign women this way: “At this point, Solomon wanted romance and sensual fulfillment more than he wanted the Lord. For all his wisdom, he was snared by the power of romantic and sensual love. He did not seriously consider that it is possible to be romantically and sensually attracted to people we have no moral or righteous reason to be attracted to. Once under the power of this attraction, he clung to these in love instead of giving them up to the Lord.”  King Solomon did not realize that he had attained a position that demanded him to give up everything that would not enhance his friendship with the Lord.  Another great mistake of Solomon was that he refused to heed the warning of the Lord.  Any great person who is not willing to heed warning of danger especially from the Lord is heading for doom.  The story of the Titanic is a moral lesson for us all.  Those piloting the “unsinkable” Titanic did not heed to the warning that they were approaching an ice berg.  And all the more striking would have been that they thought that the ice berg could not have sunk the Titanic, because the makers thought it to be unsinkable, however the unsinkable sunk because the unsinkable did not pay attention to the fact that ice berg is the enemy of ships in the sea.  Verse 9-10 tells us this “Even though the LORD, the God of Israel, had appeared to Solomon twice and had commanded him not to worship foreign gods, Solomon did not obey the LORD, but turned away from him. So the LORD was angry with Solomon.”

Dear Child of God, God has made you to reach an enviable height in life, both physically and spiritually. What have you done with these gifts and blessings of God?  Are you using such gifts and blessings to fight or advance the course of the gospel? God has blessed you with skill and knowledge and all you do is to use such knowledge to produce weapon of mass destruction?  Are you occupying a very high position in the church or in a public corporation, have you turned your position to an instrument of oppression? Are you a beautiful lady, but use your beauty to offend God by indulging in immorality? Are you that man who  vowed to exploit unmarried ladies under the pretence that you are a prospective suitor? The question is how do you use your God-given talent, for or against God?  Our Father in heaven expects us to utilize our talents, wisdom and blessings very well, and for His own glory.  Do not hurt God because he blessed you.  Some of us have become so great that we have even neglected those ladders that supported us to climb to the top. Do not make God regret the blessings he bestowed on you.  Consider the position you occupy in the affairs of life today, can God look down and be glad with you? Remember that whatever position you occupy today, God made it happen.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for today’s message.
  2. Lord, please forgive me in any way I have used the position you gave me wrongly. Please pardon me.
  3. Pray for those who use their positions and skills given to them by God to hurt God and to harm humanity that they will have a change of mind and begin to use their positions and talents to glorify God and save humanity.
  4. Pray for all members of the Daily Strength Family.

Exercise:  Take the prayer of Self Surrender to God.

Memory verse:  Luke 1:44.