Scripture Reading: Job 3:25-26
Fear cannot be over-emphasized because it still has an upper hand in the lives of greater number of believers. A Christian writer observed that, “When fear is tolerated, faith is contaminated.” Scripture scholars identify that the word “fear not” is recorded three hundred and sixty-six times in the Scripture, and as such there is a dosage of “fear not” to quench fear out of your life each day. The best thing a child of a God should do is not to live a life that is burdened with fear and worries. We serve a God who is the only one that can provide all that we need. He knows we need security, shelter, food, clothing, freedom from sickness, and freedom from the torments of the devil. Today our reflection is calling according to Luke 12:22, “Do not worry about your life”. The first fear we should be dreadful about is the fear of death. One of the greatest dangers the devil exhibits in the lives of the children of God is to haunt them with the fear of death. The devil often brings tormenting messages of death to many of God’s children especially when there is a health challenge, some people are consumed with the fear of impending death which leads to lose of stability and faith in the ability of God to heal and restore. By running around in confusion, a child of God can run into danger, into the hands of the agents of the evil one, who, in their deception, promise protection. Unfortunately, no creature can promise protection of life, only the one True God can. Of course, the worst happens, and in an attempt to protect the physical life, they sell their souls to the devil. Are you being tormented by the fear of death? The word of God says to you today in Psalms 118:17, “You will not die, but live to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. “Therefore, order your life to win God’s love for the word of God says in Psalms 91:14-16 “…I will save those who love me and I will protect those who acknowledge me as Lord. I will reward them with long life, I will save them.” Just do only what pleases the Lord, and you will see God blessing and protecting your life always. Hear this, “If you have a right standing in Christ, the devil cannot mess up your life.” Check out all those who have gone to seek protection through one satanic medium or the other, they end up dying suddenly and mysteriously. What they fear most eventually happen to them. Learn always to exercise the authority that you have in Jesus Christ. In Lk 10:19, our Lord says, “I have given you authority to trample on Satan ……” Therefore, there is no use being afraid. Let us continue tomorrow!
MASS: GREEN/WHITE/RED Ex. 3:13-20, Ps. 105:1.5.8-9.24-25.26-27(R.8a); Accl. Matt. 11:28; Matt. 11:28-30 ST. APOLLINARIS, M. (OPT MEM)
Prayer Points:
1. O Lord, in the name of Jesus, I destroy every fear of Satan or death within me consciously or unconsciously in Jesus name.
2. Pray meditatively with Psalms 23
3. Take meditatively the Prayer of the “Blood of Jesus as a Weapon for Satanic Destruction?” in DSD.
Exercise: Declare SEVEN TIMES: “I will not die but live to glorify the Lord”.
Meditation: John 16:33