Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:10
Dear child of God we are in the age where evil abounds, in fact as the world is getting more sophisticated and advanced in development and knowledge so also is evil advancing. We are in the age that is witnessing an alarming rate of moral decadence, the age that Jesus Christ describes as “evil” or “wicked. Today the word of God reassures us in Romans 5:20b, “but where sin increased, God’s grace increased much more.” So, the Lord encourages us that we are not left to the detriment of the evil reigning in the world but rather invites us to make use of the grace (strength to overcome all kinds of sinful living and capacity to withstand the surge of evil) available to us. The spiritual strength to overcome immorality, wickedness, uncharitable acts, unfaithfulness, and unforgiveness has been released but only very few tap into this spiritual strength. To every situation, we must allow godly attitude to rule and reign. The world cheats, we cheat, the world devises all forms of immoral actions and principles, we key into it, the world thrives in bribery and corruption, we key into it as a way of life, The Lord is not happy with us at all; each day we keep saddening His heart, each new day we devise new crown of thorns, each new day, we invent a new sword to pierce the heart of Jesus, each new day we produce worse vinegar to offer to the Lord. As this evil trends thrive among Christians, the grace drawn from Christ’s death on the Cross where our human nature was sacrificed is being wasted. The grace and strength drawn from the Eucharist and the Holy Mass seem not to yield positive results in our Christian lives. The grace drawn from Jesus in the Tabernacle is being wasted. We cannot continue like this. St. Paul is typically our guide when we speak about the grace of God. He never wasted the grace of God. When the grace of repentance was released on the road to Damascus, he did not waste it. When the grace to suffer all kinds of persecution for the sake of Christ was released to him, he never wasted. The grace of forgiveness was released to Stephen at the point of being stoned to death, and he used it.
Take an honest and sincere spiritual evaluation of your life; how well have you fared in making use of the grace of God? When the world around you becomes morally corrupt, tap into the grace of purity and chastity.When the world is being polluted by immodest dressing and transparent fashion, key into the grace of holy dressing; when the world advance in wickedness, key into the grace of charity and love. Let us end this reflection with the words of our holy father, Pope Francis’ admonition to some Christian faithfuls at St. Peter’s Square: “Remain steadfast in the journey of faith, with firm hope in the Lord. This is the secret of our journey!” He gives us the courage to swim against the tide.”
MASS: GREEN Ex.2:1-15a; Ps.69:3.14.30-31.33-34(R.33); Accl. Ps. 95:7d.8a; Matt. 11:20-24
Prayer Points
1. Thank God for the grace He releases to us every moment.
2. Father, I am sincerely sorry for wasting the grace made available to me each time I am accosted or confronted by evil or sin. By the help of Your grace and from this day forward, I receive strength not to overlook the grace made available to me in Jesus name.
3. My dear Holy Spirit, give life to my mortal body to respond to only what is pleasing to the Lord at all times and in all occasions.

Exercise: Join the Daily Strength Devotional Prayer Network (DSPN) every Tuesday in a midnight prayer Session
Time: 1:00am – 2:00am
Venue: Your Private Prayer Chamber
DSPN Prayer Points:
1. Pray for healing upon all users of DSD that are sick
2. Let every evil or poison injected into your system be neutralized by the Blood of Jesus
3. Pray as the Spirit directs you.
Meditation: 2 Peter 3:18