Scripture Reading: Mark 1:30-31

I have been to some doctors’ offices and have each time noticed this thoughtful inscription, “We care, God heals.” What that means is that doctors care for their patients; it is God who does the actual healing. As believers, we also acknowledge the ability of doctors and medicines to help us when we are sick. One truth that cannot be denied is the supernatural healing. Many of the doctors who know this truth do not deny it, and they acknowledge it through the above inscription. The supernatural healing cannot be explained by Science, it is beyond what man can understand. Dearest in Christ, God can heal you, if only you would believe. Supernatural healing is not something you work out by yourself; it comes via your simple faith in the greatest physician of all time, Jesus Christ the son of the living God. The woman with the flow of blood had a very simple faith; she came to Jesus believing in her heart, “If only I touch the hem of his garment I shall be healed.” She did not try to work it out: Like, “What is the possible result of me getting healed if I do what I have decided to do?” Her many years of suffering would have led her to do that, but she simply moved in faith. When I prayed to the Lord about the growth in my left eye, it was a simple faith in the God that heals. I prayed a simple prayer. I said to the Lord, “Father, in the name of Jesus, restore my eyes to its best.” That was the simple prayer I made. Few days after that prayer, I took a mirror and my electric clipper to shave, and something struck my mind to look at my eye behold the growth had disappeared; Halleluiah!

Share this wonderful testimony with me: On Saturday 23/5/2015, a User of Daily Strength called and gave her testimony as follows: “My father was diagnosed of heart disease and referred to India for treatment. While my family was contemplating flying him to India, considering his age, I decided to key into the prayer point No. 3 of Saturday 15/5/2015 topic: ‘Stand up to the reality and uproot the evil arrows ’. The prayer point No. 3 was, ‘Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the reality of the battle in your hands ’. I took up the prayer point intensely and seriously, visited the Blessed Sacrament in obedience to the exercise for that day. In a dream that Saturday night, I was transported to my family compound. I saw my father lying down face up helplessly. Suddenly I saw a Police dog putting something that looks lifeless into my father’s mouth. I tried to scare the dog away but to no avail. As this was going on, I saw a man from my village standing somewhere in the compound though the gates were locked. I woke up in shock. The next morning, a carton containing different kinds of charms was found beside my father’s house. Holy water was sprinkled on it hoping to burn it the following day, only to find out that it was no longer there; the owner of the evil load had carried it away. Three days later, I called home only to hear, surprisingly and with thanksgiving to God that my father had become totally healed.

The Sister in our reflection today had simple faith in the prayer point of the day and God opened her eyes to the miracle of his healing power. In simple faith and prayer, present all your infirmities to the greatest of all physicians. Our Scripture text today says in Verse 31, “He went to her, took her by the hand, and helped her up. The fever left her, and she began to wait on them.” Let us conclude today’s reflection with this confession of faith, “By your stripes O Lord, I am healed.”

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for today’s reflection.
  2. Pray for the church that the healing power of God will always be manifested.
  3. Pray for all those in Healing Ministry that God will continue to strengthen them, especially those who are misunderstood.
  4. Pray now for any health challenge in your life. Call down the power of the Holy Spirit to heal you.
  5. Pray for those believing God for healing, that they will experience God’s healing.
  6. Thank God for the healing of our Sister’s father.

Exercise: Confess 21 times, “By his wounds, I am healed.”

Memory Verse: Isaiah 53:5