Scripture Reading: Psalms 16:8
Beloved in Christ, we are in a world that is constantly threatening the act of right living. It is a world where you find children of God not bothered with the type of life they live. Recently a nation joined other nations to legalize same sex marriage by Cable News Network summation that made it twenty nations. The support of same sex marriage by these number of nations does not mean that the act is good. We must allow the Lord to be at our right hand always. Daily we have an option to press the right or wrong buttons. The right button allows goodness to thrive, the wrong button allows evil to reign, but sincerely speaking, you cannot press the right button if God is not always at your right hand that involving God in all we do always We are challenged more than ever to feel God fully present in our midst amidst the dilemma of making choices about moral issues.. Man must give considerations for God’s options. A true child of God, always allow God’s opinion to count wherever and whatever he or she is doing.
The Scripture recorded in Daniel 1:8, “Daniel resolved in his heart not to offend God”. In matters of morality, God cannot be silenced or sidelined. In our self-actualization quest, we must not put God aside. A believer once said, “I will keep the Bible aside, and fight you”. There was a dispute between two Christian brethren and one of them threatened to deal with the other with diabolical powers. Unfortunately, beloved in Christ, we are in a world that feels that God is too slow to act, either to save them or fight their presumed enemy, and so believers shift grounds. Guard against pushing God to the left, it is very dangerous. Let us, therefore, be very watchful, especially how we push God aside, when we push forth our will. Let us guard against putting God’s opinion aside in our decision-making processes. Divine courtesy demands our respect for God. Your life as a human being will be more joyful, challenges notwithstanding, when we give God His rightful place in our lives, in our homes, and in our businesses. The rightful place is allowing the Lord to rule your life at all times. Let us not drop God at any point in time. Let your slogan not be “repentance hold on, let me enjoy the world”. Let God reign!
Lam 2:2.10-14.18-19; Ps 74:1-2.3-4.5-7.20-21(R.19b); Accl Mt 8:17; Gosp Mt 8:1-4 WEEKDAY First Martyrs of the Church of Rome (Opt Mem)
Prayer Points.
1. Take this song meditatively, giving back your whole life to God: “Lord, may You reign, may You reign, yesterday, You reign, you reign in my life, today come and reign and reign forever more.”
2. Ask God for mercy for the many times you have failed to give Him His rightful place in your life.
3. Take the prayer of Padre Pio, “Stay With Me Lord”, meditatively.

Exercise: Plan to be part of the Evangelical Outreach holding at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Navy Barracks, Akim IBB Way, Calabar from the 11th – 13th July, 2018.
Meditation: Psalms 119:11.