Scripture Reading: Isaiah 26:1-4

A young man shared this pathetic story of a pharmacist who lost faith in God and decided to join an occult group in order to promote his business.  The man had a pharmaceutical shop which was booming.  As a result of the high level of patronage, he was approached by the group to join them for protection and defense against evil.  Shortly, he accepted and became a member of the group.  He was faced with problem, regarding an eye drop he administered on a young girl. He was arrested but influential members of his group intervened and the matter was stalled.  Not long after, he had another problem relating to the same wrong eye drop, this time his group could not do anything because of the family involved and the case led to the closure of the shop. He became frustrated, fell sick and died.  These things happened within the space of one year.

I don’t know the pressure you are facing.  The reality today is that different occult and transcendental groups are all over the places. They propagate their demonic doctrines of knowledge and wealth to the greedy minds. They appear to hold the political and economic powers. They use their position of influence, to determine who gets what.  In some organizations and higher institutions of learning, such persons abound and use their political and economic powers to influence happenings in such organizations.  Unfortunately, young men and women are enlisting themselves into these groups in order to get influence, money and power.  Do you want to join these groups who see their belly as their God?  They are very proud and arrogant; they threaten others who dare to challenge their evil deeds.  They have no regard for competence and productivity.  They are immoral and blaspheme against God.  They see themselves as untouchable and unmovable.

Beloved in Christ, note that they are simply empty, so are their boasts and threats.  The Psalmist prays that,“They may be like straws; blown by the wind and the angels of the Lord pursues them!  May their paths be dark and slippery while the angels of the Lord strike them down” (Psalm 35:5-6).  Child of God, this is exactly what happens to all wicked people. While the good man glories in God’s presence, enjoying the peace of mind which Jesus Christ gives, the wicked lives in fear and torment, even here on earth.  Don’t be disturbed about their boasts and threats for the scripture says, “The Lord thwarts the plans of the crafty (wicked) that their hands achieve no success (Job 5:12).  “No one has an arm like you Lord, full of power and might” (Job 40:9).  The scripture also says, “The Lord Almighty will lash them with a whip, as when he struck down the Midian at the Rock of Oreb, and he will also raise his staff over the waters as he did in Egypt.” (Isaiah 10:26).  Dear child of God, you have the Lion of the tribe of Judea as your refuge.  So do not be afraid.  Your God is mighty to defend you and you will have your peace.  If you make God your strength, this shall be your song Isaiah 25:9, “In that day they will say, surely this is our God; we trusted in him, and he saved us. This is the Lord, we trusted in him; let us rejoice and be glad in his salvation.”

Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song as you are led
  2. According to Eph. 3:16, “I am strengthened with might by his spirit in the inner man” (pray)
  3. No evil will befall me and no plague will come near my dwelling (Psalm 91:10)
  4. According to Neh. 13:2, “I turn every curse sent my way into blessing in Jesus name”
  5. “Bless me O Lord, enlarge my coast. Let your hand be with me, and keep me from evil” (1 chronicles 4:10)
  6. Thank you Lord for being my strength and refuge, in Jesus name

Exercise:  Meditate on Psalm 92:12 and claim the promise for your life

Memory verse: Isaiah 52:1