Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 31:21

With eyes hurting, throat and lips parched we sought for refreshing streams. We live in a comfortless world where everyone is busy nursing his or her own wounds, without time to comfort others. Our world is dying from lack of love and comfort. You may have been sitting underneath the shade of some ‘tree’ which helps to shield you from the draining sun of life, but suddenly the tree withered. This withered tree may be your job that has been take away from you, it may be your business that has failed, it might be a loved one that has passed on, it might be your good health that you have lost, it might be your intimate relationship with the Shepherd which you have ignored. In fact it could have been anything shielding you from the blistering heat of life. The hot blistering suns of life has been scorching you, everything around might have gone dried. Calamities and tragedies might have befallen you and caused your spring of fresh water to go dry. The Lord your Shepherd wants to lead you besides still waters to refresh your life again. The sheltering shade tree of your livelihood might have been destroyed, your little green pasture might have been burnt by the heat of the sun, your little spring might have gone dried, but do not panic because we have a Shepherd who is the spring of living water, therefore we shall not want for refreshment. Hear these: “You gave abundant of showers, O God; you refreshed your weary inheritance.”(Psalm 68:9). “God gives rain to the earth and sends water to the fields.”(Job 5:10)

Dear beloved, it the business of the shepherd to supply his flock with refreshment of cool water during the journey of blistering hot day. If you are passing through turbulent waters of life, the Shepherd will cause that turbulent waters to be still, for Psalm 23:2 says “He leads me beside the still waters.” No sheep dare to come close to turbulent waters, because they are frightening and scary, so no shepherd humanly speaking tends his flock beside trouble lent waters. But in Christ Jesus we have a shepherd who ‘has the capacity to calm the turbulent waters and refresh his sheep; for in Matthew 8:26-27, he made the stormy sea to be still.

Child of God, what a great blessing is ours, who have Jesus as our Shepherd; who are the sheep of His pasture. Our experiences of walking through troubled waters may have filled our lives with fear, sorrow, afflictions, heartbreak and confusion. The Lord our Shepherd can turn our ugly experiences into sweet and refreshing memories of life. The whole question of whether life’s experiences are going to be times of refreshment or ruin is determined by whether or not we constantly recognize the presence of the Shepherd and allow Him to lead us.

Remember what that little girl said “The Lord is my shepherd that is all I want.” Life experiences will be exceedingly rough and tough for us if we decide to go through it ourselves without the Shepherd direction, provision and protection. But if we trust Jesus and allow Him to shepherd us, He shall calm the turbulent waters that frighten us and supply the living water to refresh us. He will lead us beside still waters. So with the little girl we can say; the Lord is my Shepherd that is all I want, He leads me beside the still waters, and I shall not want for refreshment.

Prayer Points:

  1. Begin your prayer with this chorus: I have decided to follow Jesus x3, no turning back x2
  2. Thank the Lord for this refreshing reflection today
  3. Ask for God’s mercy for the times you have refused to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit
  4. Tell Jesus to come and take the lead in your life (Take seriously).
  5. Tell Jesus to calm every turbulent waters in your life and family
  6. Tell Jesus to refresh your life
  7. Thank God for prayers answered

Exercise: Always know that with the Shepherd, every turbulent waters will be still.

Memory verses: Jeremiah 17: 7-8