Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 3:11
The Psalmist starts today’s reflection in this statement: “If the foundations (of a godly society) are destroyed what can the righteous do? (Psalms 11:3 AMP) Our scripture reference says, “For one can lay a foundation other than the one which is (already) laid, which is Christ Jesus,” (AMP).This is very important because it is a spiritual malady which affects both believers and unbelievers. So today, the righteous is challenged to rise up and pray to restore the right foundation in Christ. In dealing with foundational problems, we scan through our lineages and lines of existence spiritually with the intention to delete whatever that is not of God. It is an exercise that renews and consecrates our lives, businesses, families, homes, and generation to God. If you have done this before, this could be a renewal, but our concern goes to many of our brothers and sisters who do not even understand that a faulty foundation slows any meaningful progress in one’s life. Sometimes it is difficult to detect that some of the waywardness, stagnation, setbacks, and delays, are frustrations engineered by Satan because the foundation is not laid on Christ. Satan thrives in a filthy environment.
A community remained unprogressive because of a slave and his pregnant wife buried alive to appease their dead. A Christian writer also takes us through an understanding of other forms by which we can get our foundations corrupted thus, “Just like physical buildings, the totality of our lives and destinies are being built day by day by our actions and inactions. Wisdom requires therefore that we pay great attention to the foundations upon which we build our lives and destinies. A lot of believers are going through very difficult moments and needless pain all because they have built their lives on faulty foundations. So many marriages are hitting the rock because they were not established on sure foundation. Many destinies are being destroyed because believers are not willing to take the pains of laying firm foundations. A lot of believers just want to have the desires of their hearts by all means – through ungodly and crooked means. How many denominations and ministries have started out on foundations of lies, deceits, love for money and fame, rather than on genuine love for God and His kingdom? How many business ventures involving believers are built on fraudulent foundations, etc? What a tragedy! Brethren, be ye not deceived, anything that is established on the foundation of unrighteousness will never have the backing of the Almighty God. God is eternally righteous and will not be part of messy deals; it does not matter who is involved.”
2 Tim 1:1-3.6-12; Ps 123:1-2ab.2cdef(R.1a) Accl Jn 11:25a.26; Gosp Mk 12:18-27 WEEKDAY St Norbert, Bp. (Opt Mem
Prayer Points:
1. Take praise and worship songs to God for healing your foundation.
2. Take the prayer “The Blood of Jesus Weapon for Demonic Destruction in Section A of DSD.
Exercise: At Mass, when the Cup of the Blood of the New Covenant is lifted, say: “O Lord, may your Precious Blood descend on this faulty foundation (name the type) and heal it.
Meditation. Isaiah 28:16.