Scripture Reading: Proverbs 22:6
Fulton Sheen opens today’s reflection with the following message, “Infancy and childhood are no disqualifications either for good or for evil. A child’s mind is capable of being affected by every word, conversation and affectation he hears.” Indeed as parents we are invited today to start inculcating values in our children, we are demanded to begin to build their moral base, to begin to train them to adopt the best of lifestyles. A woman brought her 3-month old child to a great teacher and asked: When should I begin training my child to abhor evil and accept what is good. The teacher asked her, how old is you child? The woman responded, 3-months old, the teacher said, Oh! You are 3-months late in the training.
Our Scripture reference states, “Teach a child how he should live, and he will remember it all his life.” Parents must begin early to build up the child’s moral base with positive influences, so that when negative influences come threatening, such a one can withstand it. Your parental role must be taken seriously. A Christian writer observed, “Parents are expending a lion share of their time and money to teach their kids music and dance. They feel complacent when kids exhibit talents in public forums. Not that it is wrong but one cannot overlook the apathy most parents show to teach their kids Sunday school, punctuality, sense of justice, self-reliance, fidelity, moral values and train them up in the Lord’s discipline…” A man once confessed, that since he decided to stop living a wayward life, he noticed that the same change had affected the lives of his children. Dear child of God, if you want your child to be humble, you must be humble parents; if you want your children to dress decently, you must dress decently. If you want your children to be straight forward and honest, you must never teach them to lie. The Lord warns parents today, especially those who mislead their children, to guard against it. If you procure exam success for your child with money, you have just taught the child dishonesty and corruption. Remember your actions teaches more than your voice.
MASS: WHITE Ex. 24:3-8; Ps. 50:1-2.5-6.14-15(R. 14a); Accl. James 1:21bc; Matt. 13:24-30 OR Jn. 4:7-16; Ps 34:2-3.4-5.6-7.8-9.10-11; Accl. Jn. 8:12; Jn. 11:19-27 OR Lk. 10:38-42 ST. MARTHA (MEMORIAL) B.V.M on Saturday
Prayer Points:
1. Lord, help me to always adopt godly strategies in bring up the children You have given to me, in Jesus name.
2. Dear Holy Spirit, teach me so that I can be a positive influence on the children around me.
3. Take seriously and meditatively the” Prayer for Children and Wards” in Amen it is Done.
Exercise: Are you discharging your parental duties towards the upbringing of the child or children according to the mind of God?
Meditation: Proverbs 23:13-14