Scripture Reading: Genesis. 50:20

 Let us begin with a story. A certain young man had served his master for about eight years. He, faithfully and carefully served him. When, it was time to allow the young man get established in the same line of business, he planned to extend his period of apprenticeship. He did not want to release him seeing that the young man had a very bright future; considering his wonderful character and cheerful disposition towards customers. Much more were the cases that the master had against the young man, which were never true as he began to refer to the young man as a thief. The young man endured it all and finally his master drove him away without any financial assistance. But the cries of the poor would always reach the ears of our loving Father in heaven. The Lord was not going to leave the young man in pains. Hear the Psalmist: “From above the Lord watches over the lowly; but the haughty He regards from afar.”(Ps.138:6) “The Lord lifts up the lowly.” (Ps.147:6) “He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all with him.” (Jer.22:16)With God’s mercy and love, the young man met and got helped by a Good Samaritan and established in the same business. The master to this present moment has remained a pauper for the past twenty years. In fact, the master of this young man now begs to collect goods to sell from this young man, after which he returns the money for the sales of the goods while he only feeds on the profit. Such is the paradox of wickedness.

 Joseph said to his brothers, “You plotted evil against me, but God turned it into good…” Joseph’s brothers had a glimpse of his future through his various dreams, and they could not contain it. They planned against him to ensure that he doesn’t reach his destiny. Unknown to them that every plan of the wicked is only a catalyst to reach that which God has destined for his servant.

Dear friend in Christ, are you in a similar situation as the story presented at the beginning of this reflection? Do you think God is not seated on the Throne of Mercy watching your situation? Do you know that because of the maltreatment you pass through, God is doing the inconceivable on your behalf? He did it for Joseph. He will do it for you also. “Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: For your sake I will send to Babylon and break down all the prison bars, and the Chaldeans’ shout of joy will turn into lamentation.” (Is. 43: 14) The Lord is fighting the battle on your behalf. Do not get despaired or be dismayed. Every act of wickedness carries along with it a packed load of transformation, restoration, deliverance, accomplishments, elevation, etc. And those who indulge in it against the just of the Lord have this: “They are like chaff driven away by the wind.” (Ps. 1:4)The paradox of wickedness is the fact that the act of wickedness backfires on those who allow themselves to be initiators of such acts. King Saul had his cake of it. David was in his court, administering to him. David became famous even more than his master, King Saul. Saul was not pleased with this and wanted David dead; he therefore, subjected him to serious engagements. Saul was finally rejected and the crown was given to David. Every step Saul took was to the advantage of David. This is what happens when we are being ill-treated, marginalised, cheated, unjustly punished, hurt and treated cruelly. But for your sake, the Lord is taking the glory off your adversary and enemies and putting it on you, for it belongs to you rightly. “For your sake, the Lord shall frustrate the plans of the nations of darkness and bring to nothing their designs against you.” (Ps. 33:10)“The wicked shall soon fade like the grass and wither like green plants.” (Ps. 37:2) Don’t oppress anyone or deny any his/her wage. These sins cry to God.“The wicked man falls into his own evil; the upright will escape from distress, while a wicked man will take his place.” (Prov. 11:5-8)“The Lord hears the cry of the poor and would never leave them in despair or allow them be confounded by the powers of the evil one.” (Ex. 3:7-9).

MASS:  VIOLET Is 49: 8-15; Ps 145: 8-9. 13cd-14. 17-18; Jn 5: 17-30

Prayer Points:                                                                                                                                      

  1. Thank the Lord for the gift of His enriching Word.
  2. Take this seriously, say: O Lord, take Your shield and armour and come to my rescue. Lift up Your spear and Your axe against those who pursue me. Promise that You will save me. May those who try to kill me be defeated and disgraced; may those who plot against me be turned back and confused in Jesus name.
  3. Declare over yourself this day that those who high-jacked your blessings should begin to return them to you right away. (Take very seriously and be expectant)
  4. Pray for the conversion of those who glory in wickedness.
  5. Decree upon yourself and family the abiding presence of the Lord throughout the day.

Exercise: Take the prayer of “Terminating Satanic Covenant” found in this devotional.

Meditation: Exodus. 3:9