Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 9:10
There are many things which our hearts think about and at times determine to do, but not carried out. It is well that the thought are in our hearts, but it would be wonderful if these thoughts were carried out. One good deed is more than a thousand brilliant ideas which end up in the heart. Beloved in Christ, in most cases, people wait for very big opportunities before they put their hands on something. This is wrong. The scripture says, “Never forsake a humble beginning.” Let us not wait for great opportunities, or for specific kind of work, but just do the things that you find to do, day by day. For the fact that we are alive today, let us not focus on the past which will never come back or the future that is yet to come; but the present.
The Holy Spirit says to you that this is the appointed time and moment to start serving the Lord. Stop your procrastination! Do not say that you are inexperienced or immature. It is the duty of God in the power of His Spirit to develop you spiritually. You only need to put your fingers on doing something that glorifies the Lord today while you leave the rest for him. Desire now, to bear fruit for the Lord. Serve God now and be careful that you do it with humility commitment.
No man ever served God by postponing his/her decisions to a later date. If you honour Christ and you are blessed, it is by the things which you do today. So whatever you do for Christ, starting from this moment, throw your soul into it. Do it with your heart, soul and strength.
Do not be afraid, because the strength to do all these cannot be found in you, but in the strength that comes from the Lord. Therefore, seek his help; proceed with prayers and faith, and when you have fulfilled your projects, wait for the Lord and he will bless you. Never flavour on what you did for him yesterday or in the future; but be concerned about what you will do for him today and right now.
MASS: GREEN/WHITE Deut. 6:4-13; Ps.18:2-3a.3bc-4.47.51ab (R.2); Accl. 2 Tim 1:10; Matt. 17:14-20 ST. JAME FRANCES DE CHANTAL R. (Opt. Mem)
Prayer points:
Thank God for today’s devotional.
Take up praise for God’s holy name in Daniel 3:52-87.(meditatively)
Lord, strengthen my hands to do mighty things for you.
Grant me, Lord the grace of humble prayers with faith in you.
Pray for all weak and unserious brothers/sisters, relations that the strength of the Lord of Host may strengthen them.
Pray the Rosary of Liberation meditatively.
Exercise: Visit the sick in the hospitals to pray at least twice monthly.
Meditation: Colossians 3:4