Scripture Reading: Genesis 3:1-7

Unwilling to give up the pleasure of youthful lust, the great Saint Augustine, before he finally yielded to the Lord, made this cry “O Master, make me chaste, but not yet!” Adam, the natural man, is ever intrigued by whatever is tagged “forbidden”. Allure of the reachable unknown, can keep a captured heart awake all night long; this is the nature of a natural man. From the moment the serpent stirred Eve’s curiosity, and succeeded in making her disobey God, an irresistible taste for sin, a lust for the ungodly was sown in man’s heart. And sin, beloved, advertises itself to us each moment in seemingly innocuous ways, caressing and stirring that lust from the depth of the heart. Eve, when confronted with sin, saw something good, pleasant, and desirable, she saw a wonderful opportunity, an advantageous circumstance (Genesis 3:6 (LB, NIV)). And till date, sin never appears dangerous, or threatening; it always presents itself as it did in the beginning. It comes looking lovely and fresh, very appealing to the eyes, a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. It flaunts its advantages, advertises its gains, and entices with secret promises of untold satisfaction. Beloved, sin never shows you the death snare hidden within its embrace; the gripping claws of its addiction, the paralyzing torments of its guilt and the eternal anguish of its judgment.

Beloved, what form has sin been presenting itself to you of late? What consideration have you been giving it? Sincerely, the momentary pleasure of sin, the fleeting satisfaction from the gains made, cannot be compared with the weight of its consequence even here on earth. The little romance with sin that we think we can control or maybe you assume it would only take you a confession to a Priest, may be marring a glorious future for you. The consequence of your privatizing church or organization’s fund, tarnishing another’s image, maltreating that child living with you, may be more than you bargained for. Like Eve and David, it leaves you naked to disaster, and may permanently mar your family.

Dearly beloved, it was for our salvation from all the damage of sin that Christ came, and died and rose again. Thomas a’ Kempis says, “No man is so perfect and holy as not to have sometimes temptations; and we cannot be wholly without them.” During this year’s Lenten observance, the church calls everyone to eschew sin and all its attractions. Therefore, flee from the deceitful pleasure of sin, and key into the liberty that the Cross of Jesus gives.

MASS: VIOLET Dan 3:14-20. 24-25. 28; Ps Dan 3: 29-30. 31. 33. 32. 34 (R.29b);Accl. Lk 8:15; Jn 8: 31-42

Prayer Points:
• Lord circumcise my heart, take away the desire for sinful pleasure.
• Father, I repent of holding on to bad feelings towards others. I sincerely repent and loose myself from bitterness, resentment, envy, strife, and unkindness in any form.
• Pray for the desire to hate sin.

Exercise: Pray for anyone in your family yet to be converted.
Meditation: 1 Peter 2:11.