Scripture Reading: Galatians 3:13
As we enter into the Holy Week, the liturgy call us to focus our attention on the Cross of Christ.
Scripture teaches us that there are two points of view from which we may regard Christ’s death upon the Cross. The first point is the REDEMPTION OF THE CROSS — Christ dying for us as our complete deliverance from the curse of sin. The other is THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE CROSS — Christ taking us up to die with Him, and making us partakers of the fellowship of His death in our own experience.
In our text, we have three great unsearchable thoughts. The law of God has pronounced a curse on all sin and on all that is sinful. Christ took our curse upon Him — yea, became a curse — and so destroyed its power, and in that Cross, we now have the everlasting redemption from sin and all its power. The Cross reveals to us man’s sin as under the curse, Christ becoming a curse and so overcoming it, and our full and everlasting deliverance from the curse.
In these thoughts, the lost and most hopeless sinner finds a sure ground of confidence and hope. God had indeed in paradise pronounced a curse upon this earth and all that belongs to it. “Cursed is everyone that hangeth on a tree.” (Deut. 21:23) And yet who could ever have thought that the Son of God Himself would die upon the accursed tree, and become a curse for us? But such is indeed the reality of the gospel of God’s love; the penitent sinner can now rejoice in the confident assurance that the curse is forever put away from all who believe in Christ Jesus.
The preaching of the redemption of the Cross is the foundation and centre of the salvation the gospel brings us. To those who believe its full truth, it is a cause of unceasing thanksgiving. It gives us boldness to rejoice in God. There is nothing which will keep the heart more tender towards God, enabling us to live in His love and to make Him known to those who have never yet found Him than this Cross of Redemption. May God be praised for the redemption of the Cross!
MASS: RED Procession: Mk 11: 1-10 or Jn 12: 12-16. Mass: Is 50: 4-7; Ps 22: 8-9. 17-18a. 19-20. 23-24 (R.2a); Phil 2: 6-11; Accl. Phil 2:8b-9; Mk 14: 1-15. 47 or 15:1-39 PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD’S PASSION
Prayer Point:

Heavenly Father, how shall I thank Thee for the unspeakable gift of Thy Son on the Cross? How shall I thank Thee for our eternal salvation, wrought out by that death on the Cross? He died for me that I might live eternally. Through His death on the Cross, I am dead to sin, and live in the power of His life.