Scripture Reading:  Lk. 10:25-37

There is no society without the poor. There is no race, nation or country, region, city, town, village or hamlet without the poor. The poor are those in lack. They are those who are in need. They are in need of attention. They are in need of our presence. They are in need of our charity in forms  of material goods, psychological support, social support and spiritual support. They are in need of our unused clothes. They are in need of our surplus food, money, vehicles and housing. The poor are the homeless. They are the penniless or the financially incapacitated. They are the hungry. They are the naked. They are the sick. They are the lame and the crippled. They are the psychologically traumatized. They are the wounded. They are the mentally derailed and deranged persons. They are the unloved. They are those in prison. They are the rejected. They are the outcasts. They are those without friends. They are those driven out of their homeland as a result of war, hatred or violence. The poor are the depraved. The poor are the destitute. They poor are the less privileged.

Whatever you do to and for them who are least among us, you do them for and unto the Lord. God (cf. Mt. 25:40, 45) How much attention do you pay to the poor around you? But, the fact is that, we must not have in surplus before we assist them. That which we have in surplus is for the poor. Give it out!

Who is the Samaritan today? Who is the poor? Can you learn by heart how the Samaritan helped the poor person? Can you replicate or do the same? Or are you going to be insensitive to the needs, plights and conditions of others as to what they are going through? Are you among those saying,  “It does not concern me.”? Do you not think the poor are human beings like you and deserve quality life and living? Don’t you realize that they are created in the image and likeness of God like you? How come  you are not able to assist them? Is it because you have chosen to ignore them or because it is an oversight? Or are you giving the excuse that, what you have is not even enough for you? Brethren, again, you do not need to have in abundance before you help the poor. Like St. Teresa of Avila, you must be able to give it out until it hurts. That is charity. And Pope St. John Paul II would make us realize that no one is too poor as to the extent that he/she has nothing to give.

You can learn the truth from the Good Samaritan today who helped a Jewish man attacked by robbers on his way to Jericho.

You can do this by becoming another Good Samaritan to others. How? By helping someone that might hate you and praying for someone that has a great aversion toward you; most especially those around you who do not share the same faith, conviction and language with you. We must constantly keep in mind that we are going to be judged based on love. Note what John Bunyan has to say to you, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”



Tit 1: 1-9; Ps 24: 1-2. 3-4ab. 5-6; (R.6); Accl Phil 2:15d.16a; Lk 17: 1-6

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for His Word today that has made you realize the need to be charitable.
  2. Ask for God’s forgiveness for the many good deeds you have failed to do like the Priest and Levite who today ignored the need of the Jewish man attacked by robbers on his way to Jericho.
  3. Pray for peace and security for your family that God will keep you safe from armed robbery attacks, terrorists (both domestic and international).
  4. Pray for all those who are in need but oftentimes discriminated as a result of ethnic, racial and religious biases.
  5. Pray for those individuals, families, communities, societies, and nations of the world where suffering is so much that God may send them more of Good Samaritans to help them.


Exercise: Today, help someone around you who is not so affiliated to you.

Memory Verse: Mt. 6:1-2