(Day 10 of the Fasting and Prayer Programme)

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13:58

Your faith matters to God. God is most honoured through your living, active, death-defying faith. Faith is the key that unlocks the miraculous. In order for the hand of God to work miracles in your life, you must possess a corresponding faith.
Brethren, without faith our 21 days fast will be a waste of time and energy. I know of a sister, she had heard about faith many times in church and even preached it to others. She asked God for a higher paying job and prayed towards this. More months passed and no job came. Gradually she started to lower her standards and expectations.
When Jesus said mountains can be moved by a little faith, He was not kidding. There is nothing impossible with Him. If our desires aren’t God’s will, He will say no. Where to draw the line between the voice of God and our lack of faith is the leading of the Holy Spirit. Let us not confuse our lack of faith with a default excuse of, “maybe it is not the will of God.” Put away all forms of fear and doubt, believe God without limitation. There are no V.I.P miracles for certain classes of people, faith makes the difference. Exercise your faith; the 21 days fasting is a conducive atmosphere for the miraculous. Your faith can move mountains; activate your faith, let it come alive, put it to work, let it be active and practical. We don’t have to live with our impossibilities. When faith is in action everything is possible with God. You have to activate your faith by acting on what you believe. What brings about a release of healing power is when we act upon our Faith and start to say “Yes Lord, by Your stripes I am healed” and act on it.
The Bible says that God has given to everybody a measure of faith. (Romans 12:3) So, you have faith but you have to develop it. There are different levels of faith. The more you exercise it, the more it grows. Your miracle is oftentimes commensurable to your faith. We need to pray prayers of faith with a specific desired result. Jairus said, “I want my daughter completely healed.” His prayer was wholehearted and specific. As we continue in fasting and prayer, eagerly expect a miracle in faith, and you will have it.

MASS: GREEN 1 Sam 8:4-7. 10-22a; Ps 89:16-17. 18-19 (R.2a); Accl.Lk. 7:16; Mk 2:1-12

Prayer Points:
1. Pray as the Spirit directs you.
2. Take the General prayer of Faith in “Amen: It is Done” (pg.10).

Exercise: What do you need from God during these 21 days fast? Feed your spirit with God’s word concerning that need.

Meditation: Isaiah 44:24