Scripture Reading: Matthew 15: 21-28; 8:7-13

Share with me this story: on a cool evening in England, a small Indian woman, watched a pastor preaching on television. She was on a wheel chair and a Hindu by faith. As the Pastor spoke concerning the person of Jesus Christ, about His power to heal and save, this small Indian woman was greatly amazed and completely believed. Of course, she was within the magnetic field of the Holy Spirit. After preaching for a moment, the pastor invited those who wanted to accept, Jesus as Lord and savior. While on her wheel chair, she saw our Lord Jesus Christ walk into her living room, stretch His hands towards her, and requesting her to bring her hand. Initially, and in great fear and confusion, the Indian woman refused. Our Lord demanded for her hand three times then she obeyed. As soon as her hands touched that of our Lord, she noticed that He entered into her. Immediately, she started feeling some strength coming into her weak legs. She thought that she was in a dream world, but everything happening to her was real. Suddenly, she sprang up from the wheel chair and started walking around her living room.

In our first scripture, our Lord marveled at the kind of faith possessed by the Canaanite woman. In our second reading, the Roman officer had implicit faith in our Lord Jesus Christ to the extent that any statement or pronouncement made by our Lord anywhere had the power, authority and audacity to prevail over the situation for which it was meant, and prosper it also. His presence was a solution, His words are life and spirit and efficacious. Like the Canaanite woman in our first scripture, the small Indian woman was a Hindu by faith, but because of God’s love for her, she was saved and healed also. Her faith in the Lord which came from the words spoken by the preacher made her whole.

Dear child of God it really does not matter where you are, be it in the toilet, living room, bedroom or church, our Lord can visit you there and do what He wants to do. THE ONLY PREMISE OR REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU MUST HAVE THE KIND OF FAITH DEMONSTRATED BY THE INDIAN WOMAN, THE CANAANITE WOMAN, AND THE ROMAN OFFICER. God bless you!!