Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 1:1-18

Who is a Peninah?  A Peninah is an adversary.  One who rejoices at the misfortune of others and provokes with spiteful and disdain words. One who tells the other person that God is not good or kind.  They come to you like one who is caring and concerned about your situation but by the time they are done with you with their malicious and diabolic words, you are almost at the verge of losing hope and doubting God’s goodness.  They are people whose mouth are now the mouth-piece of the devil.  They are sadists by nature. A Peninah is indeed a messenger of Satan.  One who allows Satan to use him or her.

As a child of God you must stop telling people bad words.  You must stop using all sorts of bad or provocative words.  Whenever you make comments that will hurt your sister, brother, father, son, mother, daughter, neighbor etc, just know that you have allowed Satan to use your mouth rather than God.  Each time you are happy because your rash comments have made your brother or sister to cry and question the love of God, you have just been used by Satan to accomplish his mission as an accuser.

Sometimes people, children of God make comments like “go and marry all your mates are married.”   “you will die in this sickness”, “can’t you see your life”, “imbecile”, “moron”,”, “good for nothing”, “God has punished you by closing your womb”, “go and join your mates to  do what they did to get money” and all forms of demeaning comments.  This is what Ephesians 4:29 advises, “Do not use harmful words, but only helpful words, the kind that build up and provide what is needed, so that what you say will do good to those who hear you.”  This is how Thomas Kempis puts it thus, “When the right and opportune moment comes for speaking, say something that will edify.

It is important we understand that we can gradually snuff life out off somebody, by the words of mouth.   The Church teaches us that we can offend God through our thoughts, words and actions.  We are therefore advised as members of the Daily Strength Family to desist from all forms of malicious comments, inciting statements, scandalous talks and evil insinuations.  Evil comments are sin before God.  Dear child of God let your word become a healing balm to whoever hears it.  Let your word bring peace and not provocation in the heart of the hearer.   In Luke 1:41, when Elizabeth heard the voice of Mary the mother of Jesus, there was a ripple effect of good things, the baby in her womb leapt for joy and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. If your comments still triggers confusion, quarrel, provocation, something is wrong somewhere.  Let your utterances bring peace, unity, love, and joy.  Endeavour to make positive comments about people at all times.  Are you in the habit of using provocative words at your spouse?    Do you cast aspersion on your children?  Don’t do that so that your words will not open up satanic attacks. Do you realize that Satan says Amen to whatever evil spoken on your children and tirelessly follow it up to make sure the child resembles or behaves inconsonance with the words of your mouth.  Even if they hurt you pray for them to change rather than placing curse on them.  Are you a boss and you are harassing your staff with all forms of rude words.  Stop it because it does not speak well of your position. Do you hurt your neighbor with offensive comments; it is evil before the Lord.   Colossians 4:6 tells this, “Your speech should always be pleasant and interesting, and you should know how to give the right answer to everyone.”

Prayer Points

  1. Ask for God’s mercy for the number of times you have used words that provoked or hurt somebody.
  2. Prayer for overcoming the Peninah spirit. Dear Father, I am very sorry for making the wrong use of my mouth.  From this day I promise You that my words shall be guided by your grace.  Remove from me every bitterness, anger and competitive spirit.  O Lord, help me to be kind and tender-hearted. Restore to me the spirit of forgiveness.  Dear Holy Spirit, give me self-control especially when I am provoked, let me remember the pains and agony of Jesus on the Cross and offer mine to appease Him. Let every Peninah spirit in my life be nullified permanently in Jesus name. Amen.
  3. Pray for all those who are hurt or depressed because of the provocative words they were told that the Lord will grant them everything that has caused them pain according to His will and His riches in glory.

Exercise:  Remember that whenever you say any bad word to another person, you have insulted God.

Memory Verse:  Ephesians 4:31-32.