Scripture reading: Matthew 11:12

In his book, The Global War on Christians, John L. Allen Jnr. Painfully observed that many Christians endure myriads of satanic brutality for their faith. No wonder John Paul 11 says, “Always have the courage and pride of your faith. Deepen it. Get close to Christ, ceaselessly, as living stones in the cornerstone, sure of reaching the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls… Draw with joy upon the gushing fount of the Eucharist. May He fill you with his charity.” The violent in this sense is a believer who has the force of God, which means one who operates in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Beloved in Christ, virtually everywhere you go, we have one form of wickedness going on. Have you taken time to observe the fierce opposition, the serious war raging against what is right.? Take a look at the life of morality that truly distinguishes man from animal, see the whole tussle to tear it down. Can you feel the push to enthrone every kind of immoral practices? Can you feel the wave of ungodliness in our society? Can you not feel the pressure to forsake healthy associations? Can you sense the opposition, the criticisms, the attacks, the afflictions and the persecutions when you are standing for what is right? Check it out, it is happening everywhere; even in the house of God. Can you imagine that why you are seen as the only bad person in the committee or the counsellors of the church is because you do not want to connive to steal God’s money? Can you not feel that why petitions are flying about from one superior to another is because you are preaching against evil? Beloved in Christ, if we must make it as Christians, if we must be faithful till the Lord comes, we must continue to wage the war against evil with all amount of dexterity (spiritual strength) it requires. If we must make heaven, we must not compromise our stand against what is evil. And so dear Child of God, the struggle for the salvation has gone beyond just being comfortable with just only Sunday masses, It has gone beyond sleeping with the Rosary slipping out of our hands, it has gone beyond studying the word of God only in the Mass or at fellowship. We must work hard to defend our faith in Christ Jesus and what is godly. Like St Agnes let’s tell our adversaries thus: “You may stain your sword with my blood, but you will never be able to profane my body, consecrated to Christ” Let us pray.

MASS: WHITE: Is 26: 1-6; Ps 118: 1 and 8-9. 19-21. 25-27a(R.26a); Mt 7: 21. 24-27ST. AMBROSE, BP, DR M

Prayer Points:

1. O Lord recharge my zeal to make more conquest journey for You.

2. Take the pray “Invocation of the power of God and declaration” in Amen: It Is Done ” page 59/60 3. Take meditatively the Healing Prayer of Surrender, in Amen: It Is Done . Page 71

Exercise: Pray today for all Christians in areas facing religious crisis.

Meditation: Daniel 3:16-18