Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 29:4

In his dream, a young man saw a woman who lives in his neighourhood praying using the dust of the earth.  She had been terrorizing the whole of that neighourhood, especially the young man’s family.  With some quantity of sand on her palm she said, “Let the earth and its content bear witness that I have released family X.  I have nothing against them anymore.”  This is to show how the weapon of the dust is so potent in combating all form of demonic activities and attack.  In Genesis 2:7, the Scripture says, “Then the Lord took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it . . . .”  Man therefore is a product of the dust of the earth; meaning that he is attached to it conveniently.  Demonic powers, evil men and women, witches and wizards know this and hence they employ it as a potent weapon to destroy the destiny of their victims.  Our scriptural reference says, “So you will be brought down and will speak out of the ground, and your voice will be low out of the dust.  Your voice will also be like that of a spirit from the ground and your speech will whisper from the dust.”  This makes it clear that some people speak to the dust and send it on wicked and ungodly errands.

Share this story with me: A Christian brother was doing his work so diligently and this attracted him to the management of his company.  As expected he was promoted over and above his colleagues in the same department.  This generated lots of envy and acrimony towards him.  One of his colleagues openly attacked him, threatening to deal with him.  Two days later he saw this same colleague in his dream making some incantations into a substance inside an earthenware pot.  After the incantation he placed the pot on fire and walked away.  In the spirit the Lord opened his eyes to notice the substance as sand.  At the end of the dream, he woke up, sweating and breathing heavily.  He knew that his life was in danger and so he fired back.  Stepping out of his house he picked some sand in his palm and reversed to his colleague what he wished to happen to him.  He said, “O God, I take this dust of the earth by faith and putting in my hand, I reverse to Mr. X all that he wished me in the name of Jesus Christ.  I cover myself, my family and office with the Blood of Jesus Christ.”  He went back to sleep.  Beloved, as he got to the office in the morning, he learnt that his colleague was indisposed, and on admission in the hospital.  Hear the Psalmist, “My enemies have spread a net to catch me; I am overcome with distress. They dug a pit in my path; but fell into it themselves.” (Ps. 57:6). Beloved, the greatest challenge facing Christians today is lack of knowledge due to shallow understanding of God and the things he created.  Besides, Satan the devil enjoys it and keeps Christians busy pursuing carnal things while he uses his agents to manipulate the lives of their victims.  The Scripture says that “Those who know their God shall do exploits.” (Daniel 11:32)  Today, you shall go to God in holy anger with quantity of sand on your palm, and address your adversaries.

Prayer Points:

  1. Welcome the Holy Spirit once again with worship songs until you feel His presence in and around you.
  2. Confess any known sin before you start praying with the dust.
  3. Put some quantity of dust on your palm and take the following prayer seriously:
  • Any power using the dust to manipulate my life, I reverse the manipulation in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I cancel all incantations, ordinances made against my wellbeing and that of my family.
  • You earth, I stop you from accepting incantations and enchantments targeted at me and my family in Jesus name.
  • O God as I release this dust in my hand, let it travel to the abode of every messenger of darkness and evil working against my life and my family in Jesus name.
  • Let every stubborn yoke in my life be broken in Jesus name.
  1. Take the Prayer Against the Forces of Darkness.
  2. Take Psalm 62:1 – 7 meditatively.

Exercise:  Share this reflection with someone else and encourage same to carry out the vigil prayers.

Memory Verse:  Daniel 11:32.