(Day 6 of Novena Prayers to All Saints)

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:1-13

The first reading from the Book of Wisdom extols the virtue of wisdom. It is both a divine gift and a virtue that enable us to do the right things according to the will of God. From the Responsorial Psalm: “My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord, my God!” A soul imbued with wisdom will always seek God and His righteousness, knowing fully well that He is the source of perfect happiness and fullness of life.
According to Fr. Mike Lagrimas, today’s Gospel reading about parable of the Ten Virgins, capsulizes the message of all the readings this Sunday. It talks about our innate desire to be fully united with God at the end of our life, like the virgins waiting for the bridegroom. It also mentions about “falling asleep” (dying) and being “awakened” (resurrection). Death, after all, is not something to be scared of. Rather, we eagerly await the coming of the Lord when He comes again with our lamps ready and burning all the time. Then we will be welcomed into the heavenly Marriage Feast, in the company with all the Angels and Saints in heaven.
Why did the wise virgins not share their oil with the other five? This may sound selfish on their part, and if this is the case, they cannot be considered wise anymore. As the parable points out, salvation is not something we can hand over to another like an inheritance. That is why the wise virgins could not do anything about the oil. It is inalienable and non-transferrable.
The parable highlights the vital importance of time in our life. Many people tend to waste their time on many unnecessary and even harmful things. When invited to attend a religious activity (Mass, devotional practices, formation seminars, and catechesis), the most common response is, “I have no time. I am too busy.” But when invited to a social affair or even to a gambling or drinking session, they will surely find the time. This indicates one’s values. They have more time for worldly activities, but they have less interest in matters of the soul. In the meantime, they are losing golden opportunities to generate the precious “oil” of salvation.

MASS: GREEN Wis 6:12-16; Ps 63:2.3-3-4.5-6.7-8(R-2b); 1 Thess 4:13-18 OR 1 Thess 4:13-14; Accl. Mt 24:42a.44; Gospel Mt 25:1-13

Prayer Points:

  1. Jesus Christ, please help me to be spiritually sensitive. Let me be filled with your Holy Spirit, and let me maintain a consistent attitude of praying and fasting before you so that I can always have a constant supply of oil. Please bless me and let me grow in grace and anointing to satisfy you at all times-Amen.
  2. Take other Prayers of our Novena Prayers to All Saints as directed in DSD Section B

Exercise: Pray this prayer seriously, “HOLY SPIRIT, HELP US TO BE VIGILANT”

Meditation: Colossians 4:2-6