Scripture Reading:  Hebrews 4:12

Some critics of the Word of God  conclude that it is  simply illustrations,  stories,  fables,  in fact the history of some people who lived here on earth; today the Holy Spirit directs our attention to the fact that God’s word is an active force of change.  It is a divine force that brings about positive change.  The word of God when we speak it in the name of Jesus with faith and strong belief can bring about transformation and change of life.   The force which brings about the desired change through the word of God is described by John in John 6:63b, “The words I have spoken to you bring God’s life-giving Spirit.” Some Christian brothers and sisters went to pray for a family under the siege of the devil.  As they started the prayers, the Holy Spirit inspired one of the brethren with this quotation, “He swallows down riches and vomits them up again; God casts them out of his belly.” (Job20:15, NKJV) This word keep coming to him and God directed the brother to an uncompleted building in the compound and behold a big python was vomiting the things stole from the family including travelling documents that had been missing.  A Reverend Father also told the story of how he used the word of God to bring about the healing of cancer affliction upon his mother.  He said, that during the affliction he prayed nearly every portion of the Bible he knows about healing. He prayed the Psalms from beginning to the end.  So during the surgery for the cancer, the Professor who carried out the surgery just opened up the womb and seeing that everything has gone bad closed up the womb and asked the family to prepare psychologically for the death of their mother.  This Reverend Father used the word of God in faith and the name of Jesus to bring about the healing of his mother.  The woman was eventually healed; the Professor is still in doubt whether he did not see correctly when he opened the woman’s womb.  The priest gave this testimony and told us that it was even one of the reasons he decided to become a Priest.  Another brother told us how God delivered him from the bondage of telling lies.  He said, “I go to church, I have studied the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, I have even studied the Bible in terms of different versions, yet I was battling with the spirit of lies.” One day the word of God came to him. The word that delivered the brother from the spirit of lies is John 8:44 which says, “You are the children of your father, the Devil, and you want to follow your father’s desires. From the very beginning he was a murderer and has never been on the side of truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he is only doing what is natural to him, because he is a liar and the father of all lies.”  When the word acted upon him, he told himself, “So Satan is my father if I continue to tell lies.”From that moment he began to work on the eradication of that spirit and eventually he became freed from the spirit of lies.  Dear child of God, when you utter the word of God in faith and in the name of Jesus, just like Prophet Ezekiel the dead bones must come back to life. Praise the Lord.

Prayer Points:

  1. Lord, forgive me for taken your word for granted.
  2. Lord, today I declare that your word is a force of change upon my life and not a story, spiritual literature or a history.
  3. Pray for those who neglect the word of God or see it as “one of those books” that God will open their eyes to the power inherent in it.
  4. Pray for those who live contrary to the word of God that God will help them to find peace in keeping to the word of God.

Exercise:  Take up the word of God concerning a situation you are going through and claim the power in it to change your situation.

Memory Verse:  Isaiah 55:11