Scripture Reading: 2Kings 7:3-20

Life will remain empty, destiny unfulfilled; until one discovers his or her place in God. There is a place for you in God. Verse 6 of our scripture reading says, “The Lord had made the Syrians hear what sounded like the advance of a large army, with horses and chariots, and the Syrians thought that the king of Israel had hired armies to attack them.” The Lord turned the foot of four men to sound like the advance of large army with horses and chariots. These men said to each other in verse 4 “It’s no use going into the city, because we would starve to death in there; but if we stay here, we’ll die also. So let’s go to the Syrian camp; the worst they can do is kill us, but maybe they will spare our lives.”

These men refused to allow fear hold them back from discovering their place in God, though it was a hard decision but they were ready for it, even if it will cost them their lives. In Judges 6 when the angel of the Lord called Gideon, “Thou mighty man of valour” Gideon said to the angel, “I am the least important member of my family.”  Gideon lacked the knowledge of who he is in Christ and so limited his potentials. Beloved, perhaps the Lord is drawing your mind to something great but you see yourself not good enough for it. Gideon could not discover his place in God not until he discovered God. Beloved, it is in discovering God that you discover yourself.

 In Judges 7:10-11, 13-15, the Lord said to Gideon, “But if you are still afraid to attack, go down to the camp with your servant Purah. You will hear what they are saying, and then you will have the courage to attack.”….. When Gideon arrived, he heard a man telling a friend about a dream. He was saying, “I dreamt that a loaf of barley bread rolled into our camp and hit a tent. The tent collapsed and lay flat on the ground.” His friend replied, “It’s the sword of the Israelite, Gideon the son of Joash! It can’t mean anything else! God has given him victory over Midian and our whole army!…..”  Beloved, there is a place for you in God. What you need is to discover yourself. For your life is hidden in Christ, and Christ; is hidden in God. That means you are great. So, stop belittling yourself and step out of fear to fulfil your destiny.

Prayer points:

  1. Thank God for His word.
  2. Take these proclamations:
  • Lord, open my eyes that I may see your greatness in me.
  • I declare today, that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.
  • I refuse to allowed fear rule over my destiny from now on.
  1. Take the 2016 Prophetic Declaration seriously and meditatively. (Believe your declarations).
  2. The Lord has blessed me; I will be a blessing to others in the Mighty name of Jesus amen.

Exercise: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discover your place in God.

Memory Verse: Luke 4:18-19