Scripture reading: Numbers 11:16-23

As always we thank God for all His abundant mercies, love and faithfulness to all of us. Beloved in Christ, the journey of life may have not been an easy one with you, or with the members of your family of whom you have been talking to God about their needs and situations. I believe strongly in my heart that today will mark a new beginning in your life and theirs in Jesus name. Beloved in Christ, in this journey of life, uncertain as it may be; the only thing God requires for every miracle we are looking forward to as His children is our little faith,  as small as mustard seed. Circumstances of life can most times blur our vision that we seem not to recognize that we should have this small faith when we come to God in prayer. These circumstances make us –even when we are in the presence of God –to doubt the very loving and caring God. Moses has had a great walk with God. He had seen and equally proven before the Egyptians and the people of Israel that God is the, “I AM” the Almighty One. He demonstrated the power of this God with great faith that God began to speak to him face to face as a friend speaks to a friend. But Moses got sick and tired of the incessant complaint of the Israelites that he began doubting the same power of God he had demonstrated in the past. Hear what Moses said to God, “Here I am leading 600, 000 people, and you say that you will give them enough meat for a month? Could enough cattle and sheep be killed to satisfy them? Are all the fish in the sea enough for them?” At this point Moses was seeing God as a joker. This is impossible! Moses could not reconcile what God was saying with what his eyes were seeing.

Circumstances had caused Moses to start walking by sight and no longer by faith. But God replied him in verse 23, “Is there a limit to my power?” You will soon see whether what I have said will happen or not!”  Beloved in Christ, nothing is impossible for God to do. These circumstances facing you can change! What God needs is your small faith. Refuse to be moved by the circumstances you are seeing and be moved by what God is saying or have said to you concerning these circumstances.

Prayer points:

  1. Father I thank you for the grace to see that I still have this little faith in me. For that is all you require to take me through to my promised land.
  2. Father, in the name of Jesus, I put my faith to work today. I speak to every valley; I speak to every crooked road in my life. I tell you, “Mountain! Be moved and be cast into the sea in the Mighty name of Jesus Amen. I command every valley, be filled up in Jesus name Amen. Every crooked road, become straight in the victorious name of Jesus Amen. Thank you Father because I know it is done. Halleluiah! .

Exercise: Be a faith builder to all those you will encounter today that lack faith in the face of circumstances.

Memory Verse: Num. 11:31