On this faithful day, Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world showed up outside Samaria in the small town of Sychar. He encountered the Samaritan woman whose eyes opened to the fact that there is new life; a life free from the burden and problems of life. Jesus took the hardened woman and led her to a place of trust where she could take a drink of living water from the well of faith. So when she had taken the Lord’s water she discovered that there was something more than the water in the well. Beloved in Christ, today the Holy Spirit open our eyes to some eternal truths from the encounter between our Lord and the Samaritan woman.

First, the scripture described the woman as someone who had married many men, but none of them was her husband; including the one she was staying with when the Lord met her. She must have been a woman of very low moral reputation. Beside she may have been the object of gossip by other women; and therefore, preferred to come to the well at this time of the day when all responsible women had fetched their water and gone away. She was therefore, isolated from her women folk, hence she announced to men the person of Jesus Christ rather than fellow women, for fear of being ridiculed by them. (Verse 28). Beloved in Christ, this woman represents all who arc not in a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. In Isaiah 59:2 the scripture says, “But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.” (NIV). Dear friends, to lack the ability or grace to pray, to worship and fellowship with God is a terrible way to live. Yet, today many are in this condition.

Second, due to ignorance, the woman argued with the Lord because she saw him as another Jew and wanted to prove that she had good knowledge of her religion. She did this without remembering her woeful spiritual state. So, she talked loudly about the religious differences between the Jews and the Samaritans; and attempting to ridicule the Lord (Verses 9, 11-12, 13). Thank God that the Lord reached into the darkness of her heart, just as he did to me in 1987, when he kindly and mightily expelled the darkness of ignorance, sin, unbelief and pride that had held me bound. I was in church and enjoyed arguing religion, even though I was certain in my heart that I was not a friend to Jesus due to the willful sinful life that I was living. Perhaps dear reader, you may be in this state now.

Like the Samaritan woman, you may know so much about the church and religion, which is good, but this knowledge will profit nothing if you do not believe in the son of God Jesus Christ. You must allow him to enter into you, take possession of you and then you can be saved, (Acts 16:31). In Acts 4:12 the scripture says. “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to Mankind by which we must be saved.” On Good Friday, the work of man’s salvation was concluded (finished) on Calvary tree (Matthew 27:10). It is therefore sheer ignorance to think that by our own power or perceived works you were saved. Jesus paid the supreme price. Dear User of Daily Strength. God’s justice demands that we avoid sin like a plague (Rom. 6:23). In his justice. God had mercy and sent his son Jesus Christ to die for mankind(Rom. 5:6-8). In grace, therefore. Jesusolfcrs salvation to as many as shall come to him believing in his sacrifice on the Cross. (Rev. 22:17).

Prayer points:

1. Take the Prayer of Self-Surrender in this book

2. Lord Jesus forgive my ignorance and the fact of my thinking that my external show of religion can save me ”

3. Give me the grace to understand and appreciate the great sacrifice that you made on the cross

4. Like the Samaritan woman, give me a humble heart to accept you and acknowledge you as my Lord and God

5. Lord more than ever I thirst for your life giving water, that I may not thirst again

6. Precious Lord, have mercy on all who are yet to acknowledge you as Lord and God

7. Pray to be prepared physically and spiritually for the 21- day fasting and prayers starting 6th -29th January 2016

Exercise: Begin to prepare yourself and household for this fasting

Memorv Verse: Acts 4:12