Scripture Reading: Mark 1:14-20

Last Sunday we were told how two disciples desired to stay with Jesus. Today’s gospel reading tells us about the necessary sacrifice which a disciple must make in order to truly follow Jesus. Many people are leaving Jesus, compromising their faith and commitment to Jesus. True and serious disciples will not allow their nets and family to hinder them from following Jesus.
Brethren, what is it that is holding you down from total dedication? Why have you allowed the pursuit of wealth to hinder you from following the Lord faithfully? Can you resolve within yourself to give up everything and follow Him this year 2018?
Barnes’ Notes on the Bible comments thus: “Their nets were the means of their livelihood, perhaps all their property. By leaving them immediately, and following Him, they gave every evidence of sincerity. They were willing to forsake all for the sake of Jesus, and to follow Him wherever He led them. They were persecuted and killed. This did not deter them from their primary goals of winning souls and establishing churches. They were driven by their love for Christ and the desire to affect the world positively. Little did they know what awaited them when they left their unmined nets to rot on the beach, and followed the unknown and unhonoured Jesus of Nazareth. So we know not what awaits us when we become His followers; but we should cheerfully go when our Saviour calls, willing to commit all into His hands – come honour or dishonour, sickness or health, riches or poverty, life or death.”
As we continue our 21 days fasting tomorrow, we must know that those who would follow Christ aright, must, at His command, leave all things to follow Him, and depend on His grace for their future.
Can we make the words of W. A. Ogden our pledge to follow Jesus no matter the condition? If yes sing with us: “Sweet are the promises, kind is the word, dearer far than any message man ever heard. Pure was the mind of Christ, sinless, I see; He the great example is, and pattern for me. Chorus: Where He leads I’ll follow, Follow all the way. Where He leads I’ll follow, Follow Jesus every day.”

MASS: GREEN Jonah 3:1-5. 10; Ps 25:4-5ab. 6. 7bc. 8-9 (R.4a); 1 Cor 7: 29-31; Accl. Mt. 1:15; Mt 1: 14-20 THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

Prayer Point:
1. Visit the Blessed Sacrament and take the Daily Strength Prayer for the New Year.

Exercise: Pray to be part of the 21-day Round-Off for the following provinces Bening, Jos/Kaduna, Lagos, Ibadan & Onitsha/Owerri slated for 24th to 27th January. Check the inner front cover for details.
Users are encouraged to gather every Sunday at 2pm or any other convenient time during this 21-day fasting period as a DSD family in your parish/area, pray together and visit the leprosarium or the less privileged around you with gifts in the spirit of our 21 days fasting almsgiving.

Meditation: Luke 14:25-27.