(DSD Family Thanksgiving Sunday)

Scripture Reading: Mark 1:21-28

Anyone who truly listens or follows Jesus will be amazed by the power and authority of His teachings and the miracles He works. The life of a disciple is a life full of divine surprises. So it was with the people to experience Jesus’ teaching and casting out of demon in the gospel reading of today.
To be amazed means to be extremely surprised. The people were amazed because of Jesus’ demonstration of power and authority in the synagogue. As we have concluded our 21 days fast, it shall be filled with divine surprises. We have witnessed the move of God’s power in our lives and families during our just concluded 21 days. Testimonies of the mighty deeds of God are all around us. We can see in faith the hand of God in our families. We had insightful teachings and revelations during our 21 days. The works of the enemies are being destroy. Luke 5:26 says, “When everyone was amazed and gave praise to God, they were filled with awe and said, ‘We have seen remarkable things today’.” We too, members of DSD family, are giving praises to God for the remarkable things He did for us during the 21 days and shall continue to do for us during this ongoing Novena of Thanksgiving and Praise. When God remembers you, divine surprises become your daily experience.
Psalms 22:3 says, “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabits the praises of Israel.” When the Lord comes, HIS PRESENCE CREATES GREAT SURPRISES. Whenever God has come to men He has always surprised them. Even the most expectant among men have found their expectations far exceeded; while the depressed have staggered to see the goodness of the Lord. As we continue in our Novena of Thanksgiving and Praise, may God fill us with divine surprises as He comes to inhabit our praise in the name of Jesus.

MASS: GREEN Duet 18:15-20; Ps 95:1-2. 6-7abc. 7d-9 (R.7d.8a); 1 Cor 7:32-35; Accl. Mt. 4:16; Mk 1: 21b-28 FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

Prayer Point:
1. Worship God with Psalm 145.

Exercise: Visit the Blessed Sacrament and take the Daily Strength Prayer for the Year 2018. Read the daily exercise recommended for the novena and take the Day Three of the novena in “Amen: It is Done”

Meditation: Matthew 9:8.