​Scriptural Reading: Genesis 2:23

8th day of our 21~day fasting and prayer,

As we enter the 8th day of our 21~day fasting and prayer, united in faith we pray for all members of the Daily Strength family going through marital challenges. Hear this: 

“Good afternoon brother, I do not know what to do. I have prayed all manner of prayers. I have fasted and even now I am in a novena program. I have three daughters aged 36, 34, 31 all graduates. None of them is married and the most amazing thing is that none has a suitor. I am disturbed and it is like I have failed.” 

Hear this also, 

“Good day Sir; my name is Mary. Please I need your prayers, like the sister in today’s reflection (23-07-16), I too am experiencing delay in marriage. I am going to be 36 years next month …… I have fasted and prayed but still no answer yet.” It is common for suitors to come and as soon as serious marriage plans start the man disappears.” 

Beloved in Christ, the situation in many families is simply incomprehensible. Late marriages and inability to have children have become very familiar. In this 21-day fasting, all DSD family members are called to seriously seek the face of God to put an end to this evil in our families. Today we rise in prayer and in faith against every evil delay in marriages. Marriage is divinely ordained for a man and a woman. 

The first man He created, He provided a wife for him and blessed their marriage. Satan hates marriage and desires to humiliate and create hatred and pain in families. But the Holy Spirit says to us today, Trust in the power of God to bring an end to these pains and setbacks. Beloved, believe God that this year’s 21-day fasting program will bring to an end this satanic agenda in your family. The God of miracles is still alive and active. He will release your families. Thanks be to God, who through His miraculous power, has broken such bondage in the lives of numerous individuals and families. 

Take these prayers and believe what you pray

prayer Point :

1. O Lord I thank You because marriage and staying married is part of your plan for humanity

2. God of mercies, have mercy on me and forgive my sins in Jesus name. 

3. Loving Father, please restore our broken edges and cleanse us of all that is filthy 

and positioned to disgrace us. 

4. Jesus, help me to repent of all bad characters that is hindering my marriage in the name of Jesus. 

5. Powers hindering me from getting married! Be destroyed in Jesus name. 

6. Spirit of disappointment at the edge of getting married! Disappear from my life and never come back again in Jesus name. 

7. Lord Jesus, we pray for divine release from every yoke of delay to many in the name of Jesus. 

8. Lord, release to me the man/woman you have preordained as my spouse in Jesus name. 

9. Father, let all satanic barriers keeping us from meeting our spouse be dissolved in Jesus name. 

10. Lord, send forth your waning angels to battle and release my spouse wherever he/she is held captive in the name of Jesus. . . 

11 . I reject the provision of counterfeit spouse for me by the enemy in the name of Jesus. 

12. I cut off the flow of any inherited marital problems into my life in the mighty name of Jesus. 

13. 0 Lord, let the spirit of patience reign in my life until the right person comes in the name of Jesus. 

14. Household evil powers stopping me from meeting my life partner, die by Fire in Jesus name. 

15. You evil veil blocking my God-ordained partner and I from noticing and attracting each other, catch fire and burn to ashes in the name of Jesus. 

16. Heavenly Father, we pray for divine shield against the spirit of wrong marriages in Jesus name. 

17. Evil program for my marital destiny, be deprogrammed in the name of Jesus

18. We decree O Lord, that everyone in need of a better standard of living, business, residential apartment, promotion, sponsorship – to enable them live purposefully and get married, will receive breakthroughs beyond their imagination in the name of Jesus. 

Exercise: Take the ‘Rosary of Liberation” and the “Prayer for Life Partner” at midnight or any convenient time. 

Meditation: Psalms 139:14