Scripture Reading: Genesis 14:18-20

All things are made for one ultimate purpose: to give praise and glory to the Most Holy Trinity.  We are made for nothing more, other than this purpose.  As people, we are called to give the unique praise and glory of our adoration to God through lives fully committed and surrendered to Him.  This surrender and total submission of our mind and will to Him offers God the praise that is due His name.  But all creation share in the glory of God that is to say all creation reflects His perfect order and, especially, His perfect Mercy.  For example, the providence that God manifests in caring for the birds of the sky, creatures of the sea and all living things on Earth reveals His glory and all created things give Him glory by their very existence.  We must see this, rejoice in it and give God glory for His Mercy that keeps all things in being (See Divine Mercy Diary #1005).

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