Scripture Reading: Psalms 105:15

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor– Luke 4:18
To anoint simply means to rub with oil. (cf. Gen. 28:18, Exod. 29:36, Lev. 8:11, I Sam. 10:1) However, there are ample evidence in Scripture that all oils are to be used for anointing. Exodus 30:22-33 gives an account of how the holy oil for anointing is to be provided. Worthy of mention is that the rubbing of oil is often accompanied with the grace of the Holy Spirit who is to effect a change. This change could be in form of consecration and more so it could be in form of a change from one nature to another. (I Sam. 10:9)
As baptized members of God’s household, we are anointed with holy oil at baptism and consequently sealed with the Holy Spirit which further strengthens us by the sacrament of confirmation which as it were is also administered by anointing with sacramental oil. Dear friend, how privileged we are! The anointing and consequent sealing of the Holy Spirit has numerous benefits and implications for the believer. One of such benefits is that it labels us with the inscription: TOUCH ME NOT. The moment we are anointed, God claims us as His own, seals us with His Spirit which is His indelible mark on our soul and makes us an abomination to the devil. Yes, every believer is an abomination to the devil. We become “touch-not” instruments dedicated and consecrated for God’s use. We become a “no-go-area”, danger-zones, and as I will put it “Holy Ghost territory.” For such people, the devil dreads to come close. We wear a perfume that smell deadly to the devil and his agents. When he sees us therefore, seeing the seal of God upon us, he flees from us never to return because he cannot stand the perfume that God wears on us and His seal upon us. This is the more reason, beloved, why a baptized believer cannot be a victim of demonic possession UNLESS he/she consciously renounces his/her baptism. Though, infestation may be possible not possession.
O! Believer in the Lord, I have good news for you today. We are the anointed of the Lord and our lead Scripture says, “Touch not my anointed.” The devil cannot touch or harm you just as he could not touch Job and all that carried his identity, both children and property. (Job 1:10) As we pray this day, I pray that the anointing that was upon the life of Job fall upon you in Jesus name. Amen.

MASS: WHITE/RED Acts 5:34-42; Ps 27:1.4.13-14 (R.4ac); Accl. Mt 4:4b; Jn 6:1-15 ST. PETER CHANEL, PM., (Opt Mem); ST. LOUIS MARY DE MONTFORT, P. (Opt Mem)

Prayer Points:
1. Take a worship song as you are led.
2. Pray for all anointed men of God using your parish pastor(s) as a point of contact to reach others. May the God of heaven protect and shield them from demonic attacks.
3. Read Job 1:10 and pray: “Father, build a wall of fire around me and all that pertains me.”
4. My Lord and God, incubate me with Your fire and set me by that same fire against satanic Kingdom.
5. Let all that belongs to me, my property, children, friends, siblings, parents, enjoy God’s protection in Jesus name.
6. Wherever my belonging is representing me in the kingdom of darkness, O God, let Your fire answer for me.

Exercise: Take the prayer of the “Blood of Jesus: Weapon for Demonic Destruction. (By 12 midnight or any other convenient time) today.