Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

When God created the world, He made it a Paradise, a wonderful place to behold and live in. God indeed made the earth an extension of heaven and He usually come periodically to relate with man. But man’s relationship with the devil made the earth to lose the glory which God had bestowed upon it.  In fact the whole earth came under the influence of the devil and as long as the earth now has a link with the devil, it now has an expiry date, the earth will pass away, that is to say, the earth and all its glory will not stand the test of eternity. In Matthew 24:35, the good Lord exposes the nature of the earth and its glory thus: “Heaven and earth will pass away…”  The earth have lost it power of eternity, but God did something wonderful for man, through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Him, man is now to share the glory of heaven with God, so man’s final destination becomes where he will enjoy all good things forever –  the new Heaven. This is what Jesus told us in John 14:3, “And after I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to myself, so that you will be where I am”.

But today, man is trapped in the worldly pursuit of power, possession and pleasure.  One dangerous thing about worldly pursuits is that it distracts our attention from things that lead to eternity.  There is a constant conflict between worldly and heavenly pursuits. One tries to outdo the other. A child of God should be aware of this.  Now the Philosopher in our scripture reading today has confirmed that the earth and all it has to offer is of no use at all. It is like chasing the wind.  Beloved in Christ, until our subconscious mind realizes the uselessness underlying worldly pursuits, we will continue to be trapped by it. Look at what Ecclesiastes 5:10 tells us, “If you love money, you will never be satisfied; if you long to be rich, you will never get all you want.  It is useless.”  Everyone who is truly wise will realize that money is not the source of the satisfaction which our souls crave. This is the advice from the Scripture “No one can be a slave of two masters; he will hate one and love the other; he will be loyal to one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and money.”(Matthew 6:24). Beloved in Christ, one of the ways therefore to overcome the traps of the worldly pursuits is to become the slave of God; prefer God to money, and demonstrate unswerving allegiance to God.  It is because we have been enslaved by money that is why we even accept certain conditions that are dangerous to our spiritual and physical wellbeing.  When money dictates for you, you are bound to do anything. If you become loyal to money, your faith will be compromised.

Beloved in Christ, the big lesson to learn here is that there is no amount of wealth we acquire on earth that can be used to rescue our soul from the fire of hell if the pursuit of money leads us astray.  This is what Matthew 16:26 admonishes us: “Will a person gain anything if he wins the whole world but loses his life?  Of course not!  There is nothing he can give to regain his life.”  Let us therefore overcome the power of influence which money exerts on our spiritual welling. Prepare your mind to join in one day fasting/prayer on 27th

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God for bringing your attention to the dangers of worldly pursuits.
  2. Lord, please have mercy on me for the number of times I have allowed the influence of money to make me take wrong decision.
  3. Lord, give me the grace to overcome the influences of worldly pursuits
  4. Lord, restore to me the eternity mentality.
  5. Make me loyal to you O my God.

Exercise:  Read and meditate on Luke16: 19-29

 Memory Verse:  Matthew 6:19-20