1. Wisdom and grace to pray more and tolerate a cheating husband without pushing him away
  2. For the fruit of the womb, long life and good health for anything related to me, God show me how to make money, give me and my husband wealth from above
  3. I am praying for job opportunities, as it pleases the Lord and also for a life partner. I believe at his perfect time everything will make sense. Amen
  4. I pray and ask God for a good year for my family, friends and us. I ask for greater portion of God grace and mercy
  5. Prayer for Marriage
  6. Break addiction for pornography
  7. I pray to God to intervene in my marriage. That the power of the evil people who are forcing my husband to marry a second wife should not work. Any charm that they used for him should clear from his mind he should come back to his normal sense. After this 21 days fasting i should have testimony to give on this issue. I also pray that God should guide and protect me and my family this year should be a joyful and prosperous year for us.
  8. I need God favours, my father has served enough He has been working under his boss and the boss has turned him to his slave but they started together. my mother needs financial assistance for my sister and I fees.
  9. I keep reading but nothing stays I need wisdom, knowledge and understanding and I want to be a first class student
  10. my sister needs God’s mercy she is looking for job and fees, rent and all. my father’s vehicles are down,none is working because there is no money to repair them. please intercede for us
  11. I would also like to commit my Father’s house and my marriage into the hands of God for family deliverance from any evil intention against my siblings and I. I pray for peace, knowledge, understanding, and breakthrough in whatever we lay our hands onto. God to expose any evil man or woman that is against my family in Jesus name I pray.
  12. I am praying and believing in God’s intervention in my marriage. My husband and his family does not want me anymore because I decided to stand up for myself and for my children. He is more focused in helping his brothers and their wives financially but neglects the kids and I. He had filled for a divorce and planning to kick me out of the house but I believe in God.
  13. For future partner, financial breakthroughs,forgiveness of sins,Help from above and success in all my Endeavours
  14. fruit of the womb , financial and family stability
  15. For a job and business expansion.
  16. O God l have been spiritually down and drawn away from you, let my spirit be revived. Let my love for God increase and desire for righteousness increase more than my desire for the flesh and the world.
  17. O God take away from me and destroy every spirit of sexual vices which has dominated my life over these years. Give me the enabling power to reject sin especially sexual vices and live for God in truth and spirit.
  18. l had accident and have been going on clutches with wounds on the affected leg. O God grant me perfect healing that I may walk perfectly with my two legs without clutches or stick.
  19. O God grant me breakthrough in every aspect of my life.
  20. For my nephew, who has been a source of terror to me and my household through his bad character, O God arrest him as you arrested St Augustine and make him to repent. Loose him from every grip of the evil one and make him an instrument of goodness in your hands .
  21. O God I thank you for the son you gave to me, please father l need more children from your throne of grace that will bring blessings and love to You, to me and the society.
  22. For my building project that I started, grant me favor from all areas of my life that I may complete the building fully and live in it to the glory of God .O God silence and destroy any power that is against my building project or success.
  23. O God l pray for peace in my home and entire family. Destroy any evil power working evil in the family.
  24. O God let this year 2021 be my year of divine breakthrough, upliftment. healing, divine connection, elevation and testimony.
  25. O God I dedicate my son to you, guide and protect him from every evil and powers that want to negatively influence his life and destiny. Let your hand always be upon him and may he continue to grow in your grace and love. AMEN