Scripture Reading:  Psalm 8:1-9

Welcome to this great day the Lord has made.  The good Lord wants us today to actually begin to walk in dominion.  Every child of God, without exception, can walk and operate in dominion. One thing I have discovered is that it is the desire of both young and old to walk in dominion; but the sad reality is that very few walk in it.  Walking in dominion is the full realization that man has been placed above all powers and authorities that want to oppose the divine intention of God through the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary.

The Lord gave Peter the keys of the kingdom, and told him, “THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL.” This is a confirmation of the limitations of the powers of darkness upon our lives.  Share this testimony from a user of Daily Strength: Every time one of my daughters is always convulsed after seeing an apparition. This experience continued unabated until she was taken to the hospital several times for medical attention; thinking that she was epileptic.  One day, I  prayed, “Lord open my eyes to see what is tormenting my daughter.” The Lord then opened my eyes and I saw a  giant monster that was indescribable.  I began to call on the name of Jesus to destroy the monster, and to my  amazement, the monster started to scatter like a collapsing house and from that day my daughter was set free.  Hear, Psalm 91:13, “You will trample down lions and snakes, fierce lions and poisonous snakes.” Jesus can never leave us without the authority to operate. In Luke 10:19, He releases the authority thus, “Jesus answered them,  ‘…………..  Listen! I have given you authority, so that you can walk on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the Enemy, and nothing will hurt you’.” If you understand the power you have as a child of God, based on the spoken word from Christ Jesus, you will no longer be confused, fret and be fearful or live in doubt or lose your peace of mind no matter what is happening.  A preacher was once asked, “Why are you  always calm?” He answered,  I know who I am in Christ and because I know who I am, I know what to do at any point in time, nothing takes me unawares.

Beloved, Christ has given you dominion (authority and power) to operate here on earth.  The Centurion understood the power of dominion when he said to Jesus,  “Oh no, sir……Just give the order, and my servant will be well. I am a man under authority of superior officers,…….I order this one, Go! And he goes; and I order that one, Come! And he comes….” (Matt.8:8-9). The scripture says, “Decree ye a word and it shall come to pass.” This means that there is power that follows what you say as a child of God.  Make declarations that will stop the devil rather than be afraid.  Tell the devil, enough is enough.  As a child of God, you cannot be in a tight corner.  The devil and his agents are supposed to be afraid of you; because our Redeemer lives, you will never be helpless, you will never be intimidated again by the devil.  During our school days in the university, it was as if the spirit of death was launched against our set; we kept losing students. Thank God for those who knew who they were in Christ among us then, who brought us together to decree and pass judgment against the power of darkness.  Beloved in Christ, open your mouth and make utterance against what is challenging you. The name of Jesus is the symbol of your authority.  Let us reflect more on walking in dominion tomorrow.  God bless you.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank You Lord for Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generation.
  2. By the power in Your word in Psalm 72:8, I break in pieces and consume every demonic kingdom that resists Your dominion in the name of Jesus.
  3. Standing on Your word in Jer. 30: 8, I break every yoke off my neck, and burst all the bonds in the name of Jesus.
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you are failing and why you are not operating in dominion.

Exercise:  The word of God said, greater is He in you than he in the word.  Ask the Holy Spirit to interpret this message to you with respect to walking in dominion.

Memory Verse:  Psalm 8:6.