Scripture Reading: Judges 16:18-21

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit reawakened our minds to the need to operate in the authority and power of our Lord Jesus Christ which has  been given to us –  the authority and power that make us  stable in a destabilized world and makes us walk in boldness in a world full of fear and disaster. It is important O Child of God, to know why you are not operating in dominion and the need to seriously correct whatever might be that makes you not to exercise your God-given authority and power.  First, to start walking in dominion, you must know who you are.  You are the child of God. You have been made to share in the inheritance of Christ.  You are the prince and princess of the Prince of Peace.  This is not just to flatter you; neither is it a mere joke. Let your mind begin to grasps the reality of who you are.  Let it enter your subconscious mind. Let it modify and moderate you; YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD! It is because of who we are that propelled  God to send our Lord Jesus to redeem us.  You are not a kidnapper, an arm-robber, a prostitute, a killer, a fornicator but a child of God who only  decided to take to arm-robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, killing and fornication.  Let the sense of who you are as a child of God begin to drive you. In Zechariah 2:8, the scripture says to you thus, “Anyone who strikes you strikes what is most precious to me.” God is also saying to you,  “You are most precious to me; …the apple of my eyes.”  You are the one who makes God’s heart to beat in love. Why  do you always throw to the trash  this love of a great Father?

Second point is that you must not operate in fear.  I know you have had series of messages admonishing you not to be afraid but in reality, have you lived without fear?  As long as your mind keeps operating in fear you cannot walk in dominion.  Power and authority can never be exercised in fear.  Whenever fearful thoughts come into your mind, do not let it overwhelm you, rather overcome it.  When you exhibit fear, you will forget to exercise your authority and power.  David resisted fear that was why he could stand Goliath. In 1 Samuel 17:32, David said “…no one should be afraid of this Philistine! I will go and fight him.”  The devil knows that fear cripples a giant not to act.  Moses was not afraid to stand before Pharaoh because he was operating in dominion.

Another serious reason why we are not walking in dominion is because we are walking in sin. Look at Samson; the moment he began to walk in sin his dominion began to wane.  Just as Delilah cut the hair of Samson, so also does sin (Delilah) cut our dominion (hair of Samson). Draw all the grace you need not to live in sin, for the scripture warns us in 2 Timothy 2:4 never to get entangled with civilian affairs (sin).  Joshua 7:11-12 brings this truth to the limelight thus, “Israel has sinned! They have broken the agreement with me that I have ordered them to keep… This is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies.

Finally, if you must walk in dominion, you must understand the power in prayers and praying.  Praying actually make you exercise your authority in the spiritual realm.  Without prayers, you cannot stop what the devil has planned and programmed to happen.  May we never allow ourselves to be intimidated or victimized again by the devil because God promised us in  Psalm 23:4, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff the comfort me.”(KJV)

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for the grace to overcome the sinful life which hinders our dominion.
  2. Pray against every form of fear that the devil is using to scare you from operating in dominion. (Take seriously)
  3. Dear Father, help me to realize that I am Your child and that You care for me dearly and that nothing can make You allow the evil one to frustrate me.
  4. Standing on Ezek.30:4, “Let the foundation of the wicked in my life be broken.”

Exercise: Begin to operate in dominion, for Jesus has brought Satan under your feet.

Memory Verse: Joshua 7:10.