Scripture Reading: 1 John 1:5-7

One preacher once said something that has remained in my heart and has always been a watchword for me. He said, “Light is always and ever superior to darkness”. Meditating on the reference today which says, “…God is light, and there is no darkness in Him at all [no, not in any way]” (AMP), affirms in my heart again the truth of the words of the preacher. As God’s children, our true nature is light, for we are partakers of His very nature. Jesus referred to believers as the light of the world.
We became children of light when by mercy, the Father translated us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light, because we believed in the finished work of the Cross of Christ. It was an instant translation. From being the seeds of Adam – men and women of the old sinful nature – we, by the mighty working of the Spirit of God, became seeds of God and new creation, men and women. Only those who have experienced these translations can appreciate the suffering and death on the cross, and are qualified to be called children of light.
The Holy Spirit, through Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:4-5, referred to believers as those who are not in darkness, but rather those who “are sons of light and sons of the day; who do not belong either to the night or to darkness.” Alleluia! We belong to the God, who is light. We are sons of God, sons of Light. We have nothing to do with the hidden works of darkness. Or do we?
Worthy to note in verse 6 of our scriptural reference, is the fact that a person may claim and reassure himself that he is a child of light while the whole of heaven will call him a liar. Why? Because his nature and lifestyle doesn’t correspond with the nature of God. Light and darkness cannot coexist in the same place at the same time. The Scripture tells us there is no darkness in God at all. So “If we say that we share in God’s life while we are living in darkness, we are lying…” (NJB)
Beloved, is your life in consonant with the nature of light? Or are there still traces of darkness in you? Maybe you had experienced the saving power of the cross of Christ in the past, but now the light in you has been darkened. Jesus made a very strange statement in Matthew 6:23, that should make us pause and crosscheck our lives. The Master warned; “So if the light in you is darkness, how terribly dark it will be!” So, it is not about your verbal claim, rather it is how much of Christ’s nature that is seen in you, that shows whether you are in the light or not.
The one who claim to be children of God must live a life of light, virtue and purity, both in secret and in the open. Our lives as believers must be a daily expression of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. If in any way, as we examine ourselves by the word of God, we discover that our light has become darkness, we must turn to Him, who is able to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Beloved, it is expedient that our light shines forth, both before men and before the powers of darkness. Whatever secret faults you are nursing alone, you must know that it is no secret to the devil. The devil is a very intimate confidant in all of our hidden falls, he knows every gory detail and will not hesitate to blackmail us with them. You must decide during this period of Easter to expose all hidden works of darkness and resolve to walk in the LIGHT. And never forget that light is superior to darkness.

MASS: WHITE Acts 2:14.22-33; Ps 16:1-2a.5.7-8.9-10.11(R. 1); Accl. Ps 118:24; Mt 28:8-15 OCTAVE OF EASTER

Prayer Points:
1. Expose any hidden work of darkness in your life before God and thoroughly repent of them.
2. Pray that the light of God’s grace will shine on you that your life may also shine even in the darkness.
3. Ask for the continuous leading of the Holy Spirit so that you can fulfill the promises of God in Christ Jesus.
4. During this period of Lent, pray for Bishops, Priests and Pastors, that God may guard and protect them.

Exercise: Tell someone of the good news of Salvation in Christ Jesus today.

Meditation: Matthew 5:16