Scripture Reading: Numbers 20:7-9


Moses is one of my most favourite persons in the Bible. I enjoy the information from the scriptures on his relationship with God, and this instance was not different. I found myself wondering if Moses had merely heard God without listening in this moment. Maybe he assumed that he had this under control since he had been down this path before with bringing forth water from a rock. Regardless, I could not get away from the simple statement of Moses being before the glory of the Lord and disobeying the instruction of the Lord. I believe God wants us to learn something on this account even in our day. Familiarity is a thief to the promises of God.

Even the most anointed of us can fall into the trap of treating the glory of God as familiar and common. Jesus is not looking to be familiar with you and me. He is looking for pure intimacy and fellowship. A laid down lover, an obedient bride is one who has been in the glory, hears the voice of her beloved, and follows His leading at all costs. When the glory becomes familiar, the problem is not in His glory, but in each of us. When intimacy is exchanged for common encounters, we forfeit the promised land. The price Moses paid for disobedience was the denial of entrance into the Promised Land. God in His goodness and personal relationship with Moses, showed the land to Moses, and then after Moses died, He buried him. If we were honest with ourselves, each of us at one time or another have treated the presence of God, and the glory of the Lord in a familiar manner.

The glory of the Lord is a place of deep intimacy and fellowship. It is a reverent place where our anticipation for Christ is enriched. The moment His Presence becomes familiar to us, we will devalue His instruction and His leading. We will hear, but not listen, and when we do not listen, His instruction is dismissed, and our way is prioritized. When instruction is not followed, the fullness of His good and perfect gifts cannot fully manifest in our midst.

I want to encourage you and challenge you today with this word. You were made for intimacy with Christ, more than you realize or comprehend. You were not made for familiarity, but for glorious intimacy.



Hos 8:4-7.11-13; Ps 115:3-4.5-6.7ab.8.9-10.(R.9a); Accl Jn 10:14; Gosp Mt 9:32-38 WEEKDAY


Prayer Point:

  1. Lord Jesus, I want to experience more of the power of Your resurrection—power to know more of Your love (Eph. 3:14-21); power to love others as You love us (Jn. 13:34-35); power to live in Your story, to Your glory with the joy You alone can give. And I want to enter more fully into the fellowship of sharing in Your sufferings.


Exercise: Pray for a Spiritually successful Evangelical Outreach experience and journey mercies for all attending the Evangelical Outreach Holding at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Naval Barracks, Akim IBB way, Calabar Cross Rivers State, starting tomorrow.


Meditation: Psalms 26:8

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