Scripture reading: Wisdom of Solomon 7:7

In James 3:13, the scripture says, “Is there anyone among you who is wise and understanding? He is to prove it by his good life, by his good deeds performed with humility and wisdom”. A man, who is wise, therefore, is one who has the ability to make a right decision or judgment by applying intelligent thoughts to a wide range of experience and knowledge, with prudence. A fool on the other hand, is someone lacking common sense or judgment, a jester, a professional clown, someone made to appear stupid!

Beloved, the Holy Spirit is today concerned about what we are – foolish or wise Christians. Our scriptural reference says, “Realizing that I was only a man, I prayed and was given understanding. The spirit of wisdom came to me”. Thomas a Kempis says, “To have a low opinion of our own merits, and to think highly of others, is an evidence of wisdom. All men are frail, but thou shouldest reckon none as frail as thyself. ” No wonder the scripture says, “The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper,” (Proverbs 19:8 NIV). Beloved, as stated earlier, a wise man makes good and right decision, while a fool lacks common sense and therefore makes faulty decisions. While a wise man represents all that is good and heavenly, a fool depicts all that is evil and wicked. Hear St. James, “But if in your heart you are jealous, bitter, and selfish, don’t sin against the truth by boasting of your wisdom. Such wisdom does not come down from heaven; it belongs to the world, it is unspiritual and demonic. Where there is jealousy and selfishness, there is also disorder and every kind of evil” (James 3:14-15). Here, St. James just presents to us today the content of a fool. A fool is worldly and concerns himself on the things of this world. He does not care about things of God and as St. Paul says; their minds are controlled by what human nature wants. He is boastful, wicked and unmindful of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. To the fool it is only a ‘fairy tell, told by an idiot’. So the fool is ‘hell bound’.

Dear friend, a wise man is peaceful, gentle, and friendly; full of compassion and produces harvest of good deeds. He is free from prejudice and hypocrisy (James 3:17-18). St. Paul says that such persons are controlled by the Spirit, which results in life and peace (Romans 8:6b). Beloved, while the fool does not have the capacity to obey God’s law, the wise obeys Him and follows his footsteps. Dear User of Daily Strength Devotional, the fool inhabits the total darkness of this world; and an enemy to God and cannot please him (Rom. 8:8b); therefore, an agent of Satan. The wise lives in the light of God because he is obedient to him. Today, the Holy Spirit is asking you “Are you a fool or a wise person? Looking at what the fool represents, (Satan and his wicked agents)”, it means that only fools are in hell. Hell is the abode of all fools, because they lack common sense or judgment. Heaven is the abode of the wise, because he made the right decision or judgment; which was to follow Jesus Christ.

The Imitation of Christ (Bk. 1, 1,3) said, “This is the highest wisdom: to despise the world and to tend to the kingdom of heaven”. No fool is in heaven! No wise man is in hell!

Prayer Points:

  1. Take a worship song as you are led
  2. Lord, I now understand where my foolish actions (mention them) could lead me to. Father forgive me and come to my aid for your Son’s sake
  3. Lord, look upon me from heaven and render my steps, thoughts and actions so that I can be wise from now on.
  4. Father, watch over me, that 1 may continually live for you
  5. Take the prayer of Daily Consecration to God
  6. Take the prayer of Self Surrender to God
  7. Pray for all who are yet to acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour
  8. Pray for the leaders of the church that God may help them in their vocations

Exercise: Take the Rosary of Liberation twice today.

Memory Verse: Psalm 111:10