Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 8:4-22

Jeremiah laments over the sinful and the uncompromising state of his people. He says, “My sorrow cannot be healed; I am sick at heart. Listen throughout the land I hear my people crying out; is the Lord no longer in Zion? Is Zion’s King no longer there?” The people cry out, “The summer is gone, the harvest is over but we have not been saved.” (Verses 18-19a, 20) Not saved? Can this be your lamentation as 2015 slides into eternity by midnight today? Could it be that all through this year 2015, you had chosen to do your own things. That is living a rebellious life, disobeying the commandments of God with impunity. The Scripture says that the harvest is over, the summer is past and yet men have not been saved.

Beloved in Christ the Holy Spirit says to you today that you cannot afford to enter the glorious year 2016 wearing filthy garment of disobedience. God has been gracious to you, and is prepared to announce you to the world as his own. Just like he announced Job to Satan so he is willing to announce us and boast of us. Is it true, therefore, that you have been despising all the encouragements coming from the pulpit, demanding that you escape the wicked and dark activities of Satan and his agents? These warnings may also have been coming from other sources aside the pulpit; even from the Daily Strength Devotional. Is it true that you would want to continue living in the same house with the man who is not your husband? Is it true that you are still keeping that illegal and immoral relationship with that man or woman? Are you still demanding bribe to assist people get their entitlements? Are you still a drunk? What is it, dear child of God, that holds you bound wanting to deny you the love of God and glorious entry into 2016?

The year is ending today, is there anybody that you are sitting on his promotion or keeping his or her file for the purpose of making sure that such a person is not employed or promoted? Could it be that your words are yes when in your heart you mean NO. The questions are endless. Beloved you may not have any excuse if today God of justice decide to put you on his judgment seat. (2 Timothy 9:1). “Do not be troubled; you can start repairing your life just now.” He affords you another golden opportunity because you are still alive. The harvest is over – this year is giving away and desperate efforts must be made by you to repair whatever Satan destroyed in your life over these twelve months. Go for sacramental confession to your Priest make a promise to embrace the Lord and forsake sin and its pleasures then walk into 2016 gloriously.

Now! Friend, as we prepare to undertake the 21 days of prayer and fasting program starting on January 6th 2016, start now to domicile your heart with the Lord. Decide to make 2016 a year of great spiritual adventure. If however, you are sure of your relationship with your Marker then strive in 2016 to maintain and further improve on this sweet relationship. We wish you a wonderful 2016.

Prayer Points:

1. Thank God for bringing you to the last day of 2015.

2. Take time now to carry out a proper spiritual audit of yourself. Ask God for forgiveness in any area you fall short.

3. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come to your aid in the coming year.

4. Pray for a fruitful 2016 for all Users of Daily Strength, Distributors and Financial Partners.

5. Pray for all joining for the 21 days prayer and fasting that the needed graces will be available.

6. Pray for the success of the programme

Exercise: Wish others A Happy New Year.
Memory Verse: Hebrews 10:26-27.