Transfiguration of the Lord
Scripture Reading: 2 Peter 1:16-19
Welcome to today’s devotional. Last Sunday, Jesus taught us the need to detach ourselves from created things and treasure the kingdom above every of our considerations. Today’s scripture reading tells us that God desires to make Himself known to us. God desires an encounter with us. In her revelations of Divine Love, the medieval mystic Blessed Julian of Norwich wrote: “I saw Him and still sought Him, For we are now so blind and so unwise that we never seek God until He of His goodness shows Himself to us; and when we see anything of Him by grace, then are we moved by the same grace to try with great desire to see Him more perfectly.”
Unlike Dame Julian and other mystics who experience the reality of God’s presence in unique ways, we are often very quick to try to note the distinctions—the boundaries—between the human and the divine. Even our ways of talking about God can make the divine realities seem far-removed from our daily lives. The church’s greatest minds and grace-filled mystics have understood that our limited human perspectives, especially our words, fail us when we are allowed even the slightest glimpse of the glory of God. Henri Nouwen reflects thus: “Jesus wants us to see His glory, so that we can cling to that experience… When we are attentive to the light within us and around us, we will gradually see more and more of that light and even become a light for others. We have to trust that the transfiguration experience is closer to us than we might think. Trusting that, we may also be able to live our Gethsemane experience without losing our faith.”
Pope Francis ends our reflection thus, “Suddenly from on high the voice of the Father resounds proclaiming Jesus to be His most beloved Son, saying ‘listen to him.’ This word is important! Our Father said this to these apostles, and says it to us as well: ‘listen to Jesus, because He is my beloved Son.’ This week let us keep this word in our minds and in our hearts: ‘listen to Jesus!’ God the Father says it to everyone: to me, to you, to everyone, all people! It is like an aid for going forward. ‘Listen to Jesus!’ Don’t forget.”
MASS: WHITE Dan. 7:9-10.13-14; Ps. 97:1-2.5-6.9. (R.1a.9a); 2 Pet. 1:16-19; Accl. Matt. 17:5c; Matt 17:1b-9 TRANSFIGURATION OF OUR LORD (FEAST)
Prayer Points:
Thank God for this message.
Take the song, “Holy Ghost, do it again, do it again in my life…”
Father grant me a glimpse of Your glory in the name of Jesus.
Pray for the grace to be attentive to the voice of the Spirit.
Pray for revival of the authentic gifts of vision and revelation among believers
Exercise: Spend some time with the Lord today.
Meditation: Matt. 17:1-2